In Pie We Crust!​

Welcome to your local pie shop! We're proud to bring you our homemade savory pies, sweet pies, sausage rolls and some delicious cakes. We work hard to make all of our pies from scratch, the old fashioned way. All our pies are handmade using premium cuts of meat, fresh vegetables and herbs and house-made sauces.

Each and every pie is made with care and love.​ We are actual people hand crafting each and every pie, and all pies are made from scratch with no additives and/or preservatives. Please call in or e-mail your order 24hrs in advance and we will do our darndest to cater to all your pie needs!

  • All Christmas delights are made from scratch using best ingredients. We do customise orders as well. Makes perfect present for your family, friends and corporate gifts.

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    I ate a pumpkin, potato and sour cream pie AND a spinach, fetta and ricotta roll and my gosh, it was the best decision I have ever made. Here I was having an average day at work, thinking that I was just going to have an average sanga for lunch when I though, nah… Let’s do something different. It is Pie Mine time. The PPS pie was incredible. The pumpkin was silky, the sour cream danced in my mouth. It was a musical, a symphony, a performance that I needed more of in my life. The flavours came alive, there was comedy, there was drama and there were thrills. It took me there. Now I am a hungry girl and even though I had been taken to Pleasure Island and back, I still wanted more…. So I also smashed a SFR Roll. Well… Much like your first love or your first car… You never forget your first SFR roll from Pie Mine. This flaky pastry throws the flavours directly in your mouth. Spinach, BAM, Fetta, WOOSH, Ricotta, THUMP. You know the fight scenes in a comic book; THAT is the SFR roll. Strongly recommended. 5 stars.

    Alison, Sydney

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    I had the satay chicken pie for lunch and it was absolutely amazing. The make and break of a pie for me is the pastry and this was lovely and flaky and just the right amount of butter to make it melt in your mouth. The satay was equally scrumptious.      

    Michelle, Sydney

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    The best tasting pies I've eaten, you'd be crazy not to give them a go !!!      

    Connie, Sydney