attach a porch roof to a mobile home

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Mary and I had the opportunity to photograph professional porch builders constructing a covered porch s (or deck s) floor from the ground up Advertisements Many jurisdictions have now changed the code now requiring the ledger board not only be attached to the home but also be supported with posts Be sure to check

Mobile Home Additions require an understanding of foundations, roofing, siding and attachment methods We cover it all here For information about general construction footers, Front Porch Ideas and More (.com), has some nice illustrations that show the poured concrete and pier footings Mobile Home Additions

Adding a gable to a ranch style home is far easier in most cases Advertisements Advertisements wide gable roof on open porch The photo above is a good example of a high pitched gable roof over a small sized porch Local building codes might require a high pitched roof which is designed to shed heavy snows more

May , We are loving the fresh install of our new handmade porch swing I didn t get a chance to discuss how heavy it is and how much work it was to hang since I was focusing on the makeover part of the swing We thought it would be informative to share some tips to hang a porch swing safely and also warn you

Porch Roof Designs Porch Roofs Provide Protection and Much More The right porch roof designs can add lots of appeal to your home Mary and I are often asked what makes a great front porch design Underneath, most porches are the same foundation, piers, joists, rafters, beams, etc So what does differentiate an

Advantages of a Season Porch Building a three season porch is a very popular and practical home improvement option that can extend your stay outdoors in comfort You can DIY You can purchase a sun room kit You can hire a contractor (or have the contractor install the season kit) For the DIYer who would like to

These screen porch kits allow you to install screen panels on your awnings to create a screened porch This is a It s like adding an additional room onto your home without the costs associated with custom built screen porches It s also Roofs are manufactured based on your specific load requirements to ensure safety.

The two of us love screen porches so much that we actually bought a home just for the porch A screen porch not to any home Add a few additional features and you can use your screen porch almost year round depending on where you live Includes info on electrical wiring, floor and roof plans, plumbing and more.