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May , Coating formulation for inorganic fiber mat based bituminous roofing shingles US A Abstract An all weather inorganic fiber mat based roofing shingle is prepared using a novel bituminous coating formulation comprising a partially air blown asphalt combined with a styrenic elastomer and mineral

Nov , The fibrous materials are saturated or coated, and bonded with a suitable matrix such as roofing asphalt Design flexibility, inherent in the novel roofing shingle concept, allows the material properties to be optimized for cost and performance based on weather requirements in various geographical regions

Claims ( ) The invention relates to improvements in shingles for roofing buildings, homes and the like, and particularly to an improved fabricated shingle strip consisting of a base of fibrous mate rial to which asphalt or similar plastic material is applied and which is surfaced with comminuted or granular material.

Watch this video to find out how to clean an asphalt shingle roof to remove black algae streaks and stains Apply Cleaner Use a stiff bristle brush to apply the cleaner to the roof, being careful not to damage the shingles Let Cleaner Work Allow the cleaner to remain on for minutes or so Rinse Roof Rinse the cleaner

Feb , In such uses, the inventive roofing shingle products will have an average life far greater than that of current commercial roofing shingles, which are made using fiberglass or asphalt The invention also includes a method of making such products In a preferred embodiment, products of this invention use

It is an additional object of this invention to provide an asphalt coating for shingles which will readily flow and spread upon a felt base during the manufacture of a roofing therefrom but will be retardant to flow when the roofing is subjected to fire It is a further object of this invention to provide fire resistant thick butt or uniform

Apr , A roadway surface for private driveways, rural roads and farm lanes or other light traffic surfaces is made from recycled asphalt roofing shingles in pieces, preferably elongated strips, that overlie one another to form a cushioning mat The roadway surface has a base layer of crushed aggregate such as

Jan , Classifying rooftop type and condition using remote spectral imaging greatly improves quantitative accuracy of roof inspections and decreases the cost of inspection across large geographic domains By comparing the spatially subset spectral reflection of rooftops to a reference spectra, the rooftop type and

Aug , According to the present invention, a shingle is formed with two portions One portion carries an array of solar cells to be exposed and the other is an overlap portion to be covered when applied to a roof or the like in the usual way of shingles Such a shingle serves the function both of an ordinary roofing

Feb , A self adhering modified bituminous roof covering composite that comprises an APP modified bitumen compound on the front side, and a factory applied self adhesive compound on the back side of a reinforcement carrier sheet A method of manufacturing such composite comprising coating an APP

Available to order now, and from around a square foot, Tesla s Solar Roof has a year guarantee on power production Your shingle is still on the low side, because you are comparing a premium infinite warranty roofing material with an inferior asphalt shingle with a limited lifetime (very limited in bad climates).