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Jul , The decision essentially sends designers from Dallas based HKS Architects back to the d ing board to reconsider several components of the project, including a lack In the new plan presented Wednesday, that brick has been removed and the cladding material is indicated as precast concrete panels.

We can effectively remove scratches from glass Our glass scratch removal services effectively remove light scratches and deep scratches that can be felt with your fingernail We often provide glass scratch removal services that are declined by a competitive glass scratch removal company because they are very deep

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Mar , They usually incorporate a parking facility using concrete (precast or site cast) or fire protected steel The remainder of the first floor may Typically, the leasing offices are in the lobby, as is the annunciator panel for the building systems and access to all other parts of the structure Depending on the design,

Elastomeric Wall Coatings Dallas, Texas We recommend elastomeric wall coatings for a variety of surfaces including EIFS panels, block, brick, and pre cast stone After properly preparing and applying elastomeric wall coatings, the wall will Concrete Cleaning Maintenance Restoration Concrete Sealing Control Joint

We provide a variety of clear water repellents for stone surfaces Our clear water repellent services vary depending on the type of surface requiring clear water repellent application Common water repellent applications are performed on pre cast concrete, brick, limestone, and a variety of other natural and synthetic stone.

Dec , An improved, lightweight, portable, and self contained concrete form for fabricating tilt up concrete walls is provided The form includes a frame made from metal frame members joined at their ends with the frame members forming the sides of the frame The frame members may be channel shaped with

While protective treatments for GFRC vary from acrylic to siloxane based materials, we often recommend silicone treatments for GFRC preservation purposes The application of GFRC protective treatment services is one of our specialties, and generally exceeds the expectations of most GFRC preservation contractors.

We perform a variety of natural stone cleaning services for both interior and exterior architectural surfaces Our natural stone restoration services include the proper mix of high pressure and chemical in order to effectively restore the natural stone surface to it s intended appearance After the natural stone restoration process,

Jul , Let s dig into the details to see what s good, what s bad, and exactly what s planned based on development documents Omni s Dallas based designer, Here on Second Street, the building s facade is clad in dark charcoal precast bricka thin layer of brick veneer pressed into a precast concrete panel.

For the construction of the building have been taken into account criteria of eco efficiency, and by the great thickness of the colored precast concrete walls of Building Highlights Diagonal @ is certainly an innovative opaque facade with precast concrete panels colored different measures which have resulted in a

Dec , The precast concrete building is a decade and million in donations in the making The Thom Mayne designed Perot Museum of Nature and Science opened in Dallas this weekend Inside, certain stretches of wall have been left untouched kids can examine pipes and other service cores.

Jul , Uses special wax to make molds for casting concrete walls for London s underground rail expansion makes casting concrete for heavy duty applications such as the Crossrail s tunnel ft wall panels, creates much less waste than traditional concrete casting methods Current Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Control Joint Caulking Dallas, Texas If this control joint caulking service is performed without bond breaker tape, it can result in joints which fail soon after they are installed, or in the worst cases, cracking of the precast We respect our clients view of our Concrete Cleaning Maintenance Restoration, Concrete Sealing

Aug , ,, to Bloxom entitled Method of Forming Walls with Prefabricated Panels However, the concrete walls created by these conventional building techniques have their greatest utility in what may best be described as commercial buildings, for the reason that the interior surfaces of such concrete walls

Building Renewal Dallas, Texas Building renewal is our specialty, especially building renewal involving the complete restoration of high rise buildings that are covered in stains on the glass, precast and metal frames We have been providing building renewal Concrete Cleaning Maintenance Restoration Concrete

Aug , The accident happened at The Lombard Co W rd St The panels that pinned the teen were precast concrete clad with brick, according to the company Authorities found One of the pipes came loose, and another pipe, Dallas was trying to kick it, and when he did, the wall came down on him.

Jul , Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas Courtesy Gate Precast Ancient Romans mixed lime and volcanic rock to form a mortar, a precursor to modern reinforced concrete This made engineering marvels like Rome s Colosseum possiblestill standing more

GFRC Restoration Maintenance Cleaning Dallas, Texas Our GFRC restoration services include high pressure and chemical treatments depending on the type of soil, and the condition of the GFRC panels The results we produce often exceed property Concrete Cleaning Maintenance Restoration Concrete Sealing