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, Researches say they used geometric principles and similarities found in tile design used by King Herod at other sites to reconstruct the pattern This particular type of flooring, known as opus sectile, or Latin for cut work, was more expensive and grand than mosaic patterns Herod s palaces at Masada,

, Often, it s the little, quirky things that seem to capture the spirit of wherever we travel, so today we thought we d let you have a peek into the unique street tile art of Lisbon, Portugal The tiles, appropriately called Portuguese pavement or calcada portuguesa, come in many mosaic patterns Even today they re

, Michael Bourg with B amp H Tile and Stone Group shows and explains how to install tile on the floor This video is used as part of his training for the Students at the Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center in Bessemer Alabama

, Articles of plastic, floor covering, baths, shower, sinks, washbasins, seats, sanitary ware of plastic Slabs of marbles and granite Goods of marble and granite such as tiles Ceramic tiles of all kinds Miscellaneous articles such as vacuum flasks, lighters, Wrist watches, clocks, watch movement, watch cases,

Mar , For the bathroom inside a renovated Hollywood bungalow, architect Noah Walker used a simple palette of gray and white tile, black countertops, and stainless steel I am a big fan of using dark ceilings to pull the eye to the outside so we chose matte black for the ceiling and a similar dark color for the floors.

, Electronics For Imaging, Inc (EFI) is bringing advanced digital inkjet printing technologies for ceramic tile printing to at the Ceramics China tradeshow in Guangzhou The larger EFI Cretaprint presence at the show which included the launch of a new entry level printer validates the company s dedication

, Stefania Sandoval, a year old engineer from Venezuela gathered clothes and food for needy families and repaired floors in a school dorm in Heidelberg It was our first time, she said of laying tile flooring We had to learn But everyone was happy. Tapuwa Taps Mathiba, , from South Africa, worked

, Musk s presentation was short on details about the proven efficiency of the solar cells, the roof s warranty, cost or when it will be available to customers The solar roof will be offered in four styles textured glass tile, slate glass tile, tuscan glass tile and smooth glass tile due to a variety of architectural

Mar , A puzzle of layers rather than pieces, each of this spray painted works takes aesthetic cues from historic Barcelona, deploying them in novel contexts using unexpected materials tile floor spraypaint stencil tile finished piece tile in progress tile exposed exterior Catalan artist Javier de Riba creates these

, My Moroccan bathroom tiles are now installed and looking lovely and many of you have been really positive about my floor tiles that I thought I should share a bit more about the place where I finally Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of who has been blogging daily for almost years!

, I have a teeny budget for my home at present but on my wish list is some sort of tile detailing in the kitchen other lovely things, has a dedicated website just for its hand painted Talavera tiles in sizes ranging from xcm to cmxcm, plus a range of larger encaustic cement floor tiles that are stunning.

, If you re not in love with tiles, you probably haven t been paying attention There are so many amazing ways to incorporate tiles into both interiors and exteriors, and they come in just about every shape, size, color, finish, and pattern imaginable Whether you want a cozy rustic vibe or a polished, elegant

, Every aspect of the elegant Carrara bathrooms is worth noting from the rectangular marble slabs that beautifully envelope the room, to the oversized soaking tub that you want to dive into, to the intricately patterned tile floor Here are some close up photos, I took of the floor One is in all white, while the

, Marble tiles have been used to create elegant floors for thousands of years, and their sophisticated good looks continue to make them popular today Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Persian Tile supplies to the whole of South Africa, in all major cities like Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and even

, Just the other day i spotted a pack of cork tiles at Builder s Warehouse at a fraction of the price of what i paid for them a couple of years ago when i was I love corcoleum which is a cork based floor covering and don t even get me started on the thought of a wall covered in cork in a home office or even as a

, Once a booming ceramic hub, Morbi has been left moribund by demonetisation and the subsequent curbs on cash withd als, with its plus factories on According to Mr Yadav, a majority of migrant labourers employed in tile making units and other auxiliary industries like paper mills, transport and

, Believe it or not, this unique flooring is made entirely out of peach pits! It sounds weird, but when South Africa was covered in orchards with a steady supply of peach pits being produced post harvest, people had to start getting creative European settlers in the Cape first came up with this idea, when they

, Ms Jema Nkorote, who had the flooring in her house told DN My daughter had a hard time c ling on my ceramic tile floor since it was slippery and very cold I searched the Internet for alternative flooring that could cover the entire floor and that s how I came across cushion vinyl. It is warm and non slip,

, With the beautiful tiles from Smink Things you can mix and match tiles to create your own composition or choose just one tile design to create a repeat design Smink Things is the London based studio of designer Marianne Smink It is here she creates the designs featured in her collections of ceramic tiles