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Oct , The University of Brighton just began construction on the UK s first building made completely of waste Designed by local architect Duncan Baker Brown, the structure will be composed of excess building materials from city construction sites and other area industries The design team plans on setting up a a

Sep , Angus has made Splosh products as effortless as possible, including the size of the box used for shipping to the consumer boxes are designed to fit perfectly into UK mail slots so no having to trudge off to the post office to claim your parcel, and shipping costs are included in all your orders The products

Jan , Building materials and new construction, along with the operation and maintenance of buildings, account for a significant sum of the world s London, U.K Designed by Hopkins Architects Partnership LLP Sustainable feature The London Olympics most sustainable structure, the Velodrome is

Jun , Compiled by Joanne Denison and Chris Halligan of Stephen George Partners, the Guide is a page update of the first edition delivered by the Leicester, UK based Architecture firm It is also one of the most complete overviews of building materials While specifically highlighting construction materials,

Jan , The Environment Agency already has advice on how to design homes to minimise damage low permeable building materials, high electric points, flood resilient materials (such as wet proofing) But we could also think about more radically changing how we build our homes Eco houses have already

Dec , Materials will include Thetford timber, Norfolk st , lime, hemp, and flint, which all will be sourced from local businesses and craftsmen The hope is to reinvigorate the green construction industry through the exemplary success of this building This way the local economy around Norwich will also grow

Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Construction, School of Civil and Building, Loughborough Managing for sustainability findings from four company case studies in the UK precast concrete industry Developing a successful sector sustainability strategy six lessons from the UK construction products industry.

Mar , One of the world s only modern buildings to use thatch to cover its outer walls, the center reveals its designers dedication to green construction with what lies was keeping a keen eye on embodied energy, or the energy expended throughout every step of construction, including where materials originate.

Mar , In an effort to improve the energy efficiency of the UK built environment, the government is making bim mandatory on all public projects from This note would include the sourcing and sustainability credentials of the materials needed to manufacture the beam, the carbon consumed in the transport

Nov , Turning a problem into a solution for the building industry, on a large scale Design Sustainable Product Design interesting ideas like converting food waste into fuel, or into building materials, as multinational engineering and design firm Arup is proposing with its report, titled The Urban Bio Loop.

Sep , Located on the north bank of the Thames at One Angel Lane, Nomura s UK headquarters is an incredibly energy efficient building topped with green roofs and photovoltaic panels London based Fletcher Priest Architects designed the office building while carefully considering energy use, materials, waste,

Nov , Wood is taking over as the material of choice for architects, with advocates praising its sustainability, quality and speed of construction He was also behind the UK s first CLT building, and is now working with Japanese architect Shigeru Ban on a structure featuring CLT floor slabs He claims that a CLT

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Nov , designers must work with building component manufacturers to understand their capabilities and design a construction approach that accounts for the owners can adjust their budgets and apply significant savings from improved processes to better materials and overall more sustainable buildings.

BRE is the leading green building institution in the UK BRE is an independent and impartial, research based consultancy, testing and training organization, offering expertise in every aspect of the built environment and associated industries We help clients create better, safer and more sustainable products, buildings,

Dec , The trend for green eco fantasy buildings is sweeping the world of architecture, with designers now integrating gardens, terraces and all manner of vertical overall reductions in energy consumption and the use of locally sourced sustainable construction materials, as well as new intelligent materials.

Apr , It was very much looking at how much waste is produced in the construction industry but at the same time how much energy is required to produce building materials and how sustainable the whole process is With that in mind I started looking at different materials and five years ago started discussions

Apr , Hemcrete is a carbon negative material made from the hemp plant that provides excellent insulating properties and a much lighter environmental footprint than other building materials The low impact retreat Bevan Architects, Hemp Cottage, Hemcrete, Hemp Lime Construction, Green Building UK,.

Sustainability is part of everything we do at Google We are committed to renewable energy, efficient operations, and using data and information to help with issues like deforestation, overfishing, and air pollution Smelling the carpet Making buildings healthier, along with the people in them Learn more

Jul , For its time, modular housing was incredibly waste efficient, too, compared to the on site building processes of today, which can exhaust more than of building materials Rather than overload our landfills, however, contemporary architectural firms and design companies are rethinking what prefab

Jan , There is also those that want to do eco building in their garden and home and http is a great resource to look at for this Some great examples of new old methods include rammed earth construction, a clay based material that ha been mixed with water and rammed into brick

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Feb , They see thatch as a sensible, sustainable material, says Andrew Harwood, head of Strutt Parker Sevenoaks products include Thatch Safe ( thatch safe ) a fire retardant developed with the help of firefighters and thatchers, which claims to meet National Building Control insulation

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Sep , When choosing sustainable products or ascertaining the sustainability of a supplier, there are a number of things to take into account At project level, there are a number of assessment schemes, including the UK s BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology).