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Apr , A novel polysaccharide (GPP S), with a molecular mass of × Da, was isolated from the tetraploid Gynostemma pentaphyllum Makino by alkali extraction followed by purifications using DEAE and Sephacryl S column chromatographies The monosaccharide composition of GPP S was

Nov , A method using the combination of size exclusion solid phase extraction and ultrafiltration, followed by tryptic digestion and analysis of the protein digest by liquid chromatography electrospray ionization D ion trap mass spectrometry (LC ESI D IT MS), was developed for the detection and

Feb , The lack of a well characterized, continuously growing in vitro model of human distal lung epithelial phenotype constitutes a serious limitation in the area of inhalation biopharmaceutics, particularly in the context of transepithelial transport studies Here, we investigated if a human lung adenocarcinoma cell

Oct , An environmentally friendly and simple method, named SolReact, has been developed for a solvent free esterification of cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) surface by using two nontoxic carboxylic acids (CA), phenylacetic acid and hydrocinnamic acid In this process, the carboxylic acids do not only act as

Feb , Early builder feedback was positive, and this sentiment was reinforced many times over at IBS, said John Beers, sales director for engineered wood at Georgia Pacific has long been a leading supplier of building products to lumber and building materials dealers and large do it yourself warehouse

Jul , As reference, GP was compared to glucose phosphate (G P) and glucose phosphate (G P) and to a polyol free phosphate salt, NaHPO, as well Frequency sweep experiments at Engineered in situ depot forming hydrogels for intratumoral drug delivery Amir Fakhari , J Anand Subramony.

Sep , Steroid hormones pose potential risks to fish and other aquatic organisms at extremely low concentrations To assess the factors affecting the release of endogenous estrogenic and androgenic steroids from feedlots during rainfall, runoff, and soil samples were collected after simulated rainfall on a steer

Industriale, University of Pisa, Via Moruzzi , Pisa, Italy J Phys Chem A , , (), pp DOI acs.jpcab Publication Date (Web) December , Copyright ? American Chemical Society E mail [email protected] (G.P.) E mail [email protected] (G.L.).

Jul , Here we sought to extend this work on MDR selective analogues by establishing whether showed robust activity against a range of cell lines expressing P gp We further aimed to synthesize and test analogues with varied substitution at the N position, and substitution around the N phenyl ring of

Aug , To overcome the multidrug resistance (MDR) of P glycoprotein (P gp) substrate anticancer drugs, such as paclitaxel (PTX), a novel dual functional prodrug, D tocopherol polyethylene glycol succinate (TPGS) based PTX prodrug (TPGS S S PTX), was synthesized here to fulfill the synergistic effect of P gp

Apr , P gp Protein Expression and Transport Activity in Rodent Seizure Models and Human Epilepsy Anika M S Hartz , Anton Pekcec , Emma L B Soldner , Yu Zhong , Juli Schlichtiger , and Bjoern Bauer Molecular Pharmaceutics (), Abstract Full Text HTML PDF PDF w Links

May , Abstract As a manifestation of the molecular Aharonov Bohm effect, tunneling facilitated dissociation under a conical intersection (CI) requires the inclusion of the geometric phase (GP) to ensure a single valued adiabatic wave function encircling the CI In this Abstract Full Text HTML PDF w Links

Sep , That material is cross laminated timber (CLT), a type of engineered wood first made popular in Europe Their first products unveiled include an x foot office or studio, called the Newport an x unit called the Adirondack that could make for a sweet retreat in the woods and the Sturgis, their flagship,

Aug , Using the Boltzmann Peierls equation for phonon transport approach with the inputs of interatomic force constants from the self consistent charge density functional tight binding method, we calculate the room temperature in plane lattice thermal conductivities k of multilayer graphene (up to four layers) and

Nov , Ultraconfined Plasmonic Hotspots Inside Graphene Nanobubbles Z Fei§, J J Foley IV, W Gannett? , M K Liu, S Dai, G X Ni, A Zettl? , M M Fogler, G P Wiederrecht, S K Gray, and D N Basov Department of Physics, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California

Oct , Georgia Pacific started the process in December Temple Inland has roots in Deep East Texas T.L.L When T.L.L Temple founded the company in , it was known as the Southern Pine Lumber Company With the sale final, we are eager to combine our assets into one building products business,

Feb , impact on the environment a range of strategies including natural ventilation through public spaces, controlled use of natural light and orientation, rainwater recycling and predominantly sustainable timber construction were used The fa?ade and shading elements are constructed with engineered timbers.

Jun , Biomaterial surfaces can possess chemical, topographical, or electrostatic heterogeneity, which can profoundly influence their performance By developing experimental models that reliably simulate this nanoscale heterogeneity, we can predict how heterogeneous surfaces are transformed by their

Jun , Here, plasmonic free standing films made of biocompatible chitosan nanofibers and gold nanoparticles are engineered by a simple protocol varying the Ivanova , G.P Lyubun , A.V Martyukova , E.I Cherevko , A.K Sargsyan , A.S Fedonnikov , I.A Norkin , A.G Skirtach , D.A Gorin , B.V Parakhonskiy.

Jun , A combination of molecular modeling and structure activity relationship studies has been used to fine tune CB selectivity in the chromenopyrazole ring, a versatile CB CB cannabinoid scaffold Thus, a series of new derivatives covering a wide range of structural diversity has been synthesized, and

Feb , Syndecan in mechanosensing of nanotopological cues in engineered materials Victoria Le , Jason Lee , Somali Chaterji , Adrianne Spencer , Yen Liang Liu , Peter Kim , Hsin Chih Yeh , Deok Ho Kim , Aaron B Baker Biomaterials ,

Jun , Aggregates of tau and beta amyloid (A) plaques constitute the histopathological hallmarks of Alzheimer s disease and are prominent targets for novel therapeutics as well as for biomarkers for diagnostic in vivo imaging In recent years much attention has been devoted to the discovery and development of

Jan , Do renovations that replace dimensional lumber with lightweight materials turn a traditional building into a hybrid Lightweight construction poses a significant threat to firefighter safety because the engineered lumber, the lightweight trusses, and the unprotected steel Corbett, GP, and FL Brannigan.