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Sep , My Great Grandfather had Jerseys, and Guernseys on his farm in Pennsylvania He milked them by hand and sold the rich cream from them Fond memories of summers and Christmas holidays with those gentle, loving giants He milked them by hand until the Dept of Ag made him put electricity on

Apr , In my above video I share an update on many of the things that I ve been up to in my workshop and while building my small farm here in Virginia to move an old oak framed shed from off my property line (to make room for my paddock fence) and they moved it across my property to use as a chicken coop .

Father began cutting timber in Eldred Township and cleared acres of land for farming These fences are still in evidence at various places on the farm The baking was done in the outside oven, which was heated by burning wood, until the right temperature was reached for the bread, the good rusks, or the pies, the

On the fence History ยท Contact I think we are all burnt out I want to quit all of the time but need more years to retire at with a pension I am going to push i am thinking about my grandparents, mainly raised on farms or growing up in coal mining communities and an old boss who still works his age in

May , You ve seen this, I m sure The connection between health and freedom With good health, we have the freedom to pursue hobbies spend active days with family and friends travel and continue the everyday activities we, perhaps, take for granted in our younger years Yet as most people get older,

Apr , My first cutting board was wooden, and although I knew not to run it through the dishwasheroh wait, my first college apartment didn t have a dishwasherI had no idea wooden boards needed to be It was then that I was introduced to the Boos block, the Cadillac of cutting boards and butcher blocks.

Dec , Once stock is fully penned, a livestock guard dog has very little to do (unless you have a large population of bob cats that will jump fences), and will get into mischief to alleviate boredom I maintain two Great Pyrenees to protect sheep and goats in a fenced acres of woods and pastures The area abuts

May , The people whose limbs were buried there, the archaeologists believe, were farmersalthough one was torn off the body of a child After their arms were thrown into Some of the coffins were hanging from wooden stakes, while others had been wedged into openings in the rocks The coffins were huge.

Sep , We found a fly trap at our ranch farm supply store that exceeded our expectations, so we have several around our yard I don t envy Actually, yellowjackets, paper wasps, bald faced hornets and European hornets are all wasps and all use wood to manufacture paper to make their hives or nests And at

Nov , The voluminous stream of food donations might produce pound bags of rice, cases of Funyuns, butternut squash from an urban farm in Detroit and by runs to Bismarck, about an hour s drive away, are spread among pop up and permanent tents, refrigerated trucks and wooden palettes on the ground.

May , Sad loss I heard a lot of bellowing coming from down in our woods this evening That often indicates a cow jumped a fence or something is otherwise amiss I decided to investigate Sadly, I saw this One of our heifers gave birth some time today and the calf died He for it was a little bull calf was already

Jun , Something to tie a rabbit to or hang it from Metal or strong wooden broom stick, length of conduit or rebar A flat area of ground such as cement, soil that isn t sopping wet or super squishy, or a good solid board on flat ground large enough to fit a rabbit on Knife sharpening equipment Courage Patience

Dec , I ve split a lot of wood with my maul, wedges, sledge and axe but I would estimate that even with years of experience having a log splitter will easily lessen the time you spend splitting by to They are worth more than Dad would farm me out early every fall to raise them blisters Too bad I wasn t

Jul , Yesterday was something of a rough day very hot, with three young cows that persisted in pushing in over under around a particular fence to lunch on I had hens going broody all winter and all spring, and I always tucked wooden eggs underneath them because I didn t want chicks born in cold weather.

May , Locals pulled carts burdened with produce, while sheep and hogs jostled Dorin on their way to be butchered He glimpsed a large wooden structure, some sort of barn, and he climbed its side, found a shadowed gable on the slope of the shingle roof, and squatted there, in the dark beneath the open sky.

Sep , Thus, I decided to truly meet my eats and visit Babes in the Wood, a farm out in Dillwyn, Virginia that raises free roaming, forest foraging pigs The drive out to Pigs are considered ready for butchering based on their weight, with about pounds generally being the desirable weight Whilst traipsing

May , She sells kids but does no butchering She s worked with H for about We are planning to have goats here on our new farm when all the residents are full time and we can split the care ReplyDelete Honestly, my husband and I are constantly on the fence about cows vs goats We ve not tried milk

Sep , Have you ever considered building one out of wood instead of buying the one you show The reason I ask is because I also wasn t raised in a farming family and don t live on a farm now However back in college I had the opportunity to live for about years on a farm and participate in several activities I

Aug , In compliance with BOZA, JBS installed a wooden fence around the lot, did some landscaping around the site to conceal it The judge in the case cited hyper A recent trip had him driving nine hours on the long line of road from a pig farm in North Carolina to JBS At gas stations and truck stops, Steve

From the open doors at the docks where drivers unload massive trailers of screeching pigs, through to the warm room where the hogs are butchered, to the plastic draped breezeway where the parts are handed Eventually it would add a separate entrance and run a chain link fence through the center of the parking lot.

After gauging the opening size, cut more of the fencing used to form a funnel to fit into the opening(s) if only funnel is used, you must form a wall on the opposite I would also think about establishing a pond for fish farming and if the space is available, digging deep ditches for irrigation and d ing animals for water.

Aug , I swear, Tom s like a little kid, returning from his daily meanderings with pockets full of treasures Yesterday I walked with him and the day s theme was Nails and Wire In West Texas language that s pronounced Niles and Wahr We encounter quite a few Texans in our part of the state and it s good to know

Oct , I grew up in a house with a wood stove as our only heat I got used to having a chilly house and still don t enjoy having a winter house temperature above degrees and that only because my husband likes it warmer than my choice of degrees Our daughter always thought that our house was cold but

I feel like I could fairly easily write a book on how NOT to farm The way NOT to do things The way NOT to try and keep pigs contained, for example And still, here I am, talking about lessons in raising pigs Ladies and gentlemen if you re looking for a fencing option that will allow your pigs to escape, tramp around the

Jun , This year, we ll be butchering broilers, hogs, and sheep! Lord willing Yes, I said sheep But Shaye, you don t have sheep! I hear you say Oh dear reader I m thankful that the Good Lord has given me enough time left in this day to tell you about the dear sheep we brought to Beatha Fonn Farm just

Apr , gives this description from Bunde Wischen Organic Farm in Schleswig In this method, a group of cattle stand together in an area enclosed by a solid wooden fence and an The stress free, gunshot method approach to livestock slaughter is a nice sentiment, but like most green ideas, it s simply not viable.