wood flour comp synthesis protein

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Apr , The present invention relates to novel polypeptides and enzymes (e.g thermostable proteins and enzymes) having activities relating to biomass processing and or A composition comprising the polypeptide of any one of claims to or , or the recombinant host cell of any one of claims to .

Aug , An insect bait composition for the control of insect pests comprising gossypol, an amount of a feeding stimulant or food material effective to stimulate linter, cardboard, paperboard, wood, sawdust, wood particles or wood flour, processed or purified cellulose, cellulose derivatives such as cellulose ethers,

Sep , A recombinant baculovirus which, in insect cells infected therewith, expresses a foreign protein comprising an insecticidal toxin, or a functional derivative thereof, An insecticidal composition comprising an inert carrier or diluent and a recombinant baculovirus as claimed in any one of claims to .

Jan , A composition according to claim which is a beverage composition further comprising a beverage component selected from the group consisting of water, fruit juice, protein, tea, fruit flavors, botanical flavors, and mixtures thereof A composition according to claim wherein the total amount of the pectin

Jun , A coupled in vitro digestion Caco model was employed to assess iron bioavailability from wheat Aegilops derivatives selected for high iron and protein contents The iron content in wheat genotypes used in this study correlated to a great extent with both protein (r = .) and phytate (r = .) contents.

Jan , Nitrogen is taken up by plant bodies in form of nitrate nitrogen, and is used, for instance, in the synthesis of proteins It is known that excessive nitrate nitrogen intake induces symptoms of oxygen deprivation in animals Therefore, if nitrogen containing biomass is to be supplied to the soil as compost, it is

Apr , The adsorption of amylase on barley proteins affects the in vitro digestion of starch in barley flour Wenwen Yu , Wei Zou , Sushil Dhital , Peng Wu , Michael J Gidley , Glen P Fox , Robert G Gilbert Food Chemistry ,

The method of claim , wherein the reduction in visceral fat of the subject is assessed by computer tomography (CT) scan The method of claim , agent is glyburide In other embodiments, the compound that increases the bioactive serum levels of IGF I is administered with an effective amount of an IGF binding protein.