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, If you have hardwood flooring in your house, you may notice changes in its appearance depending on the humidity levels Without a routine maintenance those humidifiers often become heavily mold contaminated and spreading the mold spores through your home making you and your family sick.

, It may not be the best choice in extremely humid areas, however, due to the wood contracting and expanding Engineered hardwood More than ever, businesses throughout Utah are choosing commercial hardwood flooring because of the durability, beauty, and low maintenance But how safe is it for

, The entire appearance of a home can be changed with refinishing Whether the choice is to hire a professional or to DIY, make sure to do proper research and get recommendations from trusted friends and neighbors Get insight and tips for refinishing hardwood floors here.

, The whole house with the exception of the kitchen, baths and added room have original hardwood floors My contractor told me NOT to use shiplap in our outdoor bathroom in Florida it does have airconditioning but no fan and wet feet coming from the pool in a small bathroom (around square feet).

Hello Debhouse, It appears that temperature is important when installing hardwood floors, but afterwards, humidity is the enemy of your floors, not heat http tools maintenance.html How to clean your hardwood floors http tools cleaning.html I

, Once again, keep humidity levels constant to keep your wood flooring from reacting drastically Collect This can occur from humidity, a plumbing leak, or sitting water For pets and kids that regularly track through your home, you will have to be more diligent for keeping up with sanding and maintenance.

, Insia Bijuga or as it is commonly known Merbau, is a popular hardwood found in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean Islands used to make wooden floors The tree grows well in wet areas such as flood plains, swamps, riverbanks and rain forests It is widely regarded as a high quality timber gaining a top

, This makes cork infinitely more comfortable to stand on than wood, tile, or stone Environmental Impact Cork comes from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, which grows in places with lots of sunlight, low rainfall and high humidity Cleaning Can be cleaned in the same way you d clean hardwood floors.

, Dear Home Ec , I have a dispute to settle My husband and I recently bought the most beautiful, rustic acacia wood dining table However, a couple of days ago we noticed that it is starting to crack here and there Yes, we are young and with a house full of Ikea furniture it did not even dawn on us that we

Mar , And inversely if it is cooler and more humid you ll have to wait longer for your floors to be ready Up to Hrs After Coating Floors Without this basic care you may end up needing a hardwood floor repair or board replacement and that begins to get expensive Wood floors can last centuries if taken care

Mar , If moisture content is too high or the moisture differential between Edge Gold and the hardwood is too great at the time of installation, problems can arise Wet OSB will shrink as it dries, loosening around cleats and staples that attach the hardwood flooring and resulting in squeaks and pops Additionally

Adding filler is not usually a good idea, as it will get pushed out as the wood expands with moisture Filler will work effectively unless the humidity level is kept constant For larger, non closing gaps, a professional contractor can properly repair floors, please consult a professional to evaluate this for you The BEST time to

, And did you know that too low of a humidity level in your home can create damage to your wood furniture, wood floors, instruments, books, and so much more I never really thought about how our house could be affected by this The designers of Honeywell Humidifiers and Dr Ted Myatt, an indoor air

, This was the unexpected surprise how nice it is to have warm floors Your feet get a pleasant reward with every step you take, or as you rest them on the wood floor under the dinner table On top of that, anything you leave on the floor gets extra toasty a pair of wet winter boots, a forgotten coat, or even the

, Ideally, flooring materials originate with a renewable substance for example, bamboo, wood and cork originate from plants Although ceramic tile and A less durable floor will have to be replaced more often, and a high maintenance floor can expose you to more harmful chemicals Stone, for example

This can occur when the surface of the floor encounters moisture or is left in wet or humid conditions for an extended period of time After determining the facts regarding the history of the hardwood floor installation and maintenance, the next step of a C amp O investigation is to identify the moisture source high indoor RH, site

, Unless you live in a humid climate, it s almost always a good idea to have a humidifier running in your home They can help with everything from breathing issues, to preventing sinus infections, or providing relief from dry skin and hair But knowing which humidifier to buy can be tricky I ve tried several

, A resilient floor includes a plurality of parallel spaced rows of sleeper assemblies, or substructure members, supported by pads over a base, with a Wood floors remain popular for athletic and residential applications, for a number of reasons including aesthetics, quality, stability, ease of maintenance,

, I m trying to come up with a color of floor tile that matches a kitchen with Volga blue granite counter tops, white cabinets, very light grey walls, and stainless steel appliances I don t want wood floors in the kitchen or anything that looks like wood I think too many people have that look and it s worn out I know

Whether you re laying a wood floor in a new house or replacing one that s damaged beyond repair, there are dozens of species to pick from, including trusty domestics, such as oak and maple, and intriguing exotics, Where to install it Just about anywhere, except in areas prone to extreme humidity and standing water.

, In our search for new flooring, we automatically ex nayed hardwood due to costs and were left looking at laminate, wood look tile, and Luxury Vinyl Tile aka Your experience and informations shared here helped me to decide as I am really in dilemma to what flooring is the best and less maintenance.

Ah, summer chores! There s a lawn to mow, paint to touch up, a grill to clean But there are summer maintenance concerns inside, too namely, taming your home s No enemy moisture Summer s higher temps raise humidity levels in your home, and all that moist air can wreak havoc on interior walls and flooring.