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Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Apr , From panels that double as wall art or multifunctional pieces of furniture, each of these panel designs bring a little something extra to the office These hexagon shaped Tr?ullit Dekor Sound Absorbing Panels by Swedish designers Form Us With Love for Tr?ullit are made from wood and cement The two

Apr , An acoustical panel for forming a monolithic ceiling or wall, the panel extending across a rectangular area, and having a core made primarily of gypsum, Architects and interior designers have long sought a monolithic, texture free look in an acoustical ceiling particularly when there is no expected need for

Mar , Team BUILD is currently designing up an interior drop soffit on a residential project and, in working through the design, we ve accumulated a healthy fire sprinklers, and speakers), provides uplighting, makes the dining area more intimate, improves the acoustics with of insulation panels, and last but not

Mar , Norm Architects has previously worked with Zilenzio on acoustic panels, made to resemble scrap wood and designed to make graphic wall patterns when combined The studio is behind a wide range of design projects, creating everything from a contemporary take on antique bathtubs to the interiors of

Apr , Helping to convey that energy is the WoodWorks ceiling and wall system from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions the design team chose for the interior of the three story The warm toned, shingled, perforated wooden wall panels were a good fit to address the design requirements for acoustic control, complex

May , Up until this point, we ve been discussing how to make the audio inside a room sound better Absorption and diffusion only help with echoes, dampening the noise within a space Although many people refer to this process as soundproofing, what we ve actually been discussing is acoustics Soundproofing

Feb , Soundproofing and acoustic treatment are important topics to tackle when setting up a home studio Here are some inexpensive ideas someone playing acoustic drums in the live room, you can have a casual conversation in the control room and you can t hear anything whatsoever inside the house or

Feb , The seats angle ensures the best possible listening and viewing conditions The walls wood surfaces are hung with a series of acoustic panels orientated towards the audience to reflect sound inside the auditorium The panels, also made of wood but with a high quality finish, soar in space, in some

Nov , unexpected collection elliot bastianon tilted shelf Tilted utilizes a single acoustic sheet that s folded and pressed together three times to form sections that make up the wall leaning shelf Wooden shelves, held by oak dowels, rest between cut sections in the folds in order to hold books and decor.

Jul , sound engineer to specially curate playlists to take into account its hard surface interior design What s more, the company employs acoustical architect Matt Emmi from One Button to do things such as install acoustical ceiling panels and wooden boxes to help diffuse and absorb sound from speakers.

Oct , Wood ceilings traditionally trigger cabin imagery or possibly an old style coffered ceiling in a dark, smoky library Alvar Aalto brought wood ceilings to modern architecture with his clean, Finnish designs More recently, wood ceilings have been used as acoustic panels to absorb and reflect sound in concert