fiber board-fireproof wall board

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Jan , [] Another approach employed in the past to improve the fire resistance of fire rated gypsum panels has been to add unexpanded vermiculite (also referred to as vermiculite ore) and mineral or glass fibers into the core of gypsum panels In such approaches, the vermiculite is expected to expand under

Oct , ,, to Hill discloses a lightweight roof insulating board comprising cellulosic fibers, expanded perlite particles and a binder comprised of asphalt and starch The board product is designed to be used under a roof membrane, not as a wallboard, and is formed from an aqueous slurry comprising about

,, teaches that the even distribution of individual short textile glass fibers throughout a gypsum cast markedly reduces cracking when the cast, such as in the form of a core of a gypsum wallboard is subjected to fire While the addition of the glass fibers to the board core did not markedly decrease the shrinkage,

Apr , A highly fire resistant and environmentally friendly panel of mm to mm may be manufactured by a blending of magnesium compounds, sodium Typically, the curing process of fire resistant boards such as gypsum boards, fiber cement boards, calcium silicate boards, and the like, requires the use of

Dec , In the practice of this invention, the dry wall product that can be employed in this invention can be any of the known dry wall products such as gypsum board, cement board, Sheet Rock (U.S Gypsum Company), Fiberbond (Louisiana Pacific), which are both gypsum type materials utilizing paper fibers or

Jun , The technique that contributes to the successful operation of the wall construction according to the present invention is the use a compressible, nonflammable mineral fiber insulation called safing both above the beams and above the wallboard This mineral fiber substance is a fireproof material that is

May , Type X (fire code) drywall board has additives to the gypsum that make it more fire resistive than the standard board including glass fibers to control Type X drywall board is commonly used in wall and ceiling assemblies with one and two hour ratings (such as Underwriters Laboratories Fire Rated

Mar , Optionally, the formulations may contain either small amounts of textile glass fiber, wollastonite or vermiculite Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims() What is claimed is An improved fire resistant gypsum board of the type having a monolithic core of set gypsum and, to offset the

Nov , This conventional construction of a fire rated head of wall joint is time consuming, expensive and has other disadvantages that are described herein A wall assembly commonly used in the construction industry includes a header track, bottom track, a plurality of wall studs and a plurality of wall board

Jun , Other slurry additives can include trimetaphosphate salts, accelerators, binders, paper fiber, glass fiber, and other known ingredients The light weight gypsum board of claim , wherein the pregelatinized starch is in an amount from about to about by weight based on the weight of the stucco .

May , The secondary flange elements can be of the same type of wood material as used for primary flanges , but the web covers must be of fire resistant material such as gypsum wall board or gypsum fiber board available e.g from Fermacell in Seseen, Germany One method for fastening the additional

Of the various fire resistant boards utilized in the past, one type consisted of the dihydrate of gypsum, CaSO H O, having unexpanded vermiculite flakes dispersed A fire resistant wallboard of claim wherein the perlite particles have the following particle size distribution retained on mesh, thru mesh and

Oct , Packaging prefinished planks and panels made from fiber cement presents a special problem because the abrasive nature of fiber cement may damage the protective layer during storage, transport, and handling of US, Aug , , Oct , , Georgia Pacific Corp, Fire resistant wallboard.

Jul , A previously formed unitary building exterior envelope product is provided, comprising a mineral fiber insulation board including a binder having a The section of product is mounted to an exterior side of a plurality of framing members of an exterior wall of a building, so that the interior facing faces the

Nov , A composite roof and wall system, three in one fireproof, insulation and waterproofing, comprising an expanded polystyrene foam board adhered ,, describes an insulated panelized roofing system comprising a foam insulation board with synthetic fiber mat and a rubber sheet bonded to the top

The fire resistant compositions may be fabricated into construction elements such as wallboard, soundproofing panels and thermal insulation or applied as a spray to provide furnace Synthetic particle sizes useable in the present invention range from fine particles to particles one quarter inch in diameter or even larger.

Feb , A perlite board consisting essentially of to by weight expanded perlite, to by weight organic binder, said binder having the property of permanent tackiness in the dry state, reinforcing fibers in an amount up to about by weight, asphalt in an amount up to by weight, silicone in an

The fiber boards made as above will have ornamental stone like surfaces which are readily set by adding sugar to the composition, and are readily colored, by known processes, to imitate different kinds of natural stones, and they are useful as wall coverings, panels, tiles, wainscoatings, and in a host of other places where

Jun , Paper and or mat faced gypsum board is prepared by applying a relatively thin coating of aqueous gypsum slurry containing a polyvinyl alcohol binder to one or two facer sheets As an alternative to paper facing, a fibrous mat (such as glass fiber) has been used as a facing material for gypsum wallboard.

Feb , In , when Guy Lussac was experimenting with methods to make materials resistant to fire, he saturated fabrics with boron salts and found that boron compounds could indeed prevent cloth, paper, and other cellulose based materials from burning His success in finding a fireproofing chemical that

For panels, simply divide the total square footage of your exterior wallsincluding windows and doors, which account for wasteby the number of square feet in clapboard type fiber cement siding View as slideshow Photo by Andrew McCaul Sold in boards Also known as lap siding, it s fast to install and looks great