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Feb , Vacuum infusion molding was used to prepare an ordinary composite sandwich panel and web reinforced composite sandwich panels with different such issues as the high energy consumption and high pollution of the production processes of traditional building materials such as cement and steel [].

Aug , Building and civil engineering Bonding of sandwich insulation panels, flooring, roofs, sealing of car parks, concrete pavements, industrial floors, one component sealant for vertical joints (precast concrete panels, expansion joints), pourable joint sealants for vertical surfaces (floor to wall joints) General

The invention relates to a facing element, particularly a plate shaped facing element ( ), for a wall of a building, with an inner boundary surface ( ) on the side facing towards the wall and an outer boundary surface ( ) on the side facing away from the wall According to the invention, at least one cavity ( ) is arranged

Sept The ultra high strength concrete is supplied with a sufficient flow coefficient of the roller gap Independent claims are included for the following () a device for connecting a reinforcement with a ultra high strength concrete and () a sandwich element comprises a ultra high strength concrete.

Feb , Panels or slabs A and B, however, may alternately be formed of materials other than concrete, such as metal, wood, plastic or sandwich and layered construction, the only It may be desired to form a plurality of adjacent panels into a unitary structure forming a portion of a building, such as a roof.

Sep , Simultaneously, the two storey construction comunicates with the surroundings of the street (building line, roof shape, eaves height) In addition, technical innovations have been tried as prototypes concrete sandwich panels with vacuum insulation, geothermal heat pump and were also tested for its

It has been proposed to construct such structures with composite material sandwich panels and various methods have been developed These methods include manufacture by hand, resin transfer molding, compression molding and or filament winding One promising approach is to utilize a vacuum assisted resin transfer

Accordingly, the term impact resistant mesh as used herein means a mesh material which, when assembled in a panel, wall or roof assembly as described herein, will provide sufficient impact resistant performance in such an assembly as to withstand and pass the Impact Test and the associated Florida Vacuum Test .

Mar , Composite grid frame structures are constructed from grid elements arranged in a grid pattern and bonded together by a vacuum infiltration technique or, Finished two dimensional grids may be combined with longitudinal rods to form three dimensional frames for concrete reinforcement, engine

Dec , The concrete composition can be used to make concrete masonry units, construction panels, dining tables, counter surfaces, bench tops, and or examination WO discloses lightweight concrete roofing tiles made by molding a hydraulic binder composition containing synthetic resin foams as the

May , Video Produced by UP Multimedia for IRIS Corporation Berhad and KOTO Corp s collaboration on the KOTO Building System The Video More strength and burglar proof material can be addes in the form of a wire screen or net inside the panels they should fill it with foam concrete not with styropor.

Nov , Precast concrete is a form of construction, where concrete is cast in a reusable mould or form which is then cured in a controlled environment A precast sandwich panel (may also be referred to as double wall precast) may include two wythes (panels or layers) of reinforced concrete sandwiched around an

Disposed between the front and back sheets so as to form a sandwich arrangement are the solar cells and a polymer material that encapsulates the solar cells and is and are attached to a metal support structure which is secured to a suitable base , e.g a base in the form of a flat roof or a concrete slab on the ground.

Oct , ,, to Porter discloses structural insulated building panels (SIP) with plastic impregnated paper which have a first outer facing selected from the group comprising gypsum or cementitious composite material and a second outer facing which is preferably comprised of gypsum or cementitious

Jun , Self repairing, fiber reinforced matrix materials include a matrix material including inorganic as well as organic matrices Disposed within the matrix are hollow fibers having a selectively releasable modifying agent contained therein The hollow fibers may be inorganic or organic and of any desired length,

A ceiling material for vehicles, said ceiling material comprises a core material composed of a resin foamed article a protective layer comprising a thermoplastic resin blended with fibers in a range of not less than and not more than in volume content said protective layer being provided on at least

Jan , Provided herein are compositions comprising concrete and one or more phase change materials (PCMs) for prevention or reduction of thermal damage in a cementitious system, and uses thereof.

Sep , Bonding of textile onto foam, direct glazing of vehicle windscreens, glazing replacement, fastening of various car components, vacuum lamination of foil to fiberboard V B) Building and civil engineering Bonding of sandwich insulation panels, flooring, roofs, sealing of car parks, concrete pavements,

A composite structural building panel has a first concrete layer and a second concrete layer in spaced apart relationship with one another so as to receive an Existing techniques to manufacture precast sandwich panels off site consist of pouring concrete into formwork containing reinforcing materials which moulds the

The underlayment in secured to the roof using washers having fastener elements for engaging the fastener elements of the flexible roof membrane Tectum brand board), DENSDECK or SECUROCK (gypsum), lightweight concrete board, lightweight insulating concrete board or other roofing or construction material.

Nov , A relatively lightweight, modular, blast control system utilizes a plurality of fabric panels that may be joined to form a matrix or blanket to protect or control For instance, building such a concrete bunker requires significant expenditures to purchase and transport the building materials, as well as a lengthy

Feb , These phase change materials do not become liquid during use and are in contact with at least one material selected from the group consisting of metals, carbon siliceous, plastic, cellulosic, natural fiber, artificial fiber, concrete, gypsum, porous rock, and mixtures thereof Particulate additions, such as

The subfloor drainage panel has an upper member, a lower member attached to the upper member, and an intermediate member located in the lower member to both materials and labor, and which accordingly is then susceptible of low prices of sale to the consuming public, thereby making such subfloor drainage panel

Jun , Hybrid biocomposite cellular structures can be used in multi applications (e.g building walls, floors and roofs, bridge and ship decks, aircraft floors) with Designs for advanced composite panels based on cellular and sandwich structures have been found to maximize material and structural performance