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Aug , Moreover, improved technologies have resulted in the automation of many jobs and less need for laboring hands (Similar to how self driving lorries may put truck drivers out of work.) And most of all, China s rapid rise as a manufacturing power with seemingly limitless cheap labor has dramatically undercut

Oct , DETROIT Fuyao Automotive North America Inc plans to invest million to transform the former American Blind Wallpaper Factory Inc building in Plymouth, Mich into an automotive glass plant and r amp d center The North American subsidiary of China s largest automotive glass manufacturer Fuyao

Jan , That might not be the best thing for Hisense, considering it s China s largest TV manufacturer in terms of sales volume The answer Probably not It s in direct competition to a inch or Could LG s wallpaper OLED TVs challenge laser TVs Even Lessig admits that Hisense is going after a niche market.

Our news and feature articles cover the science and technology behind D printers, from how they work to the history, progress and future of the technology and what kinds of things can be made D printing s uses range from practical objects for everyday use to commercial products and parts used in manufacturing, plus

Oct , Canalys has released its report for the Chinese smartphone market in Q Ssmartphone shipments have declined in China and Huawei retains the lead.

Aug , MoOD is predominantly a designer event, but there is more focus this year on production and manufacturing techniques.

Dec , It took over a week after ordering just to get a tracking number, and it showed my case was being shipped directly from China not a great sign Sadly the saga For the Places Live Case, it enables an exclusive wallpaper that changes as you move around, and can be customized to your liking The case

May , While there have been some reports that Apple is actually planning to ditch Carter Technology for China s Biel Crystal Manufactory and Lens Technology, which provides glass screen covers for the iPhone, Horng didn t comment on those rumors KGI reported in March that Apple would entirely revamp its

Jul , It was actually due to be performed last year, but it s such a contentious issue that an ATM manufacturer objected enough to raise the matter with Jack s The real purpose of the app from Jackeey Wallpaper wasn t to plaster your Android phone with Star Wars backdrops, but to sniff out your private data.

Nov , Apple has chosen two China based battery companies to supply the iPad and MacBook, says a Friday report Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery would replace Samsung SDI, a subsidiary of the South Korean firm that is both Apple s chief rival and largest supplier The report is just the

Dec , This weekend s wallpaper comes from Ross Rozanski, and we can guarantee that our own Stef Schrader (who, as you may know, has a thing for Porsches) will be thrilled about this one Ross spotted the plethora of Porschesincluding the No Martini Racing liveryduring a trip to the manufacturer s

Jan , (Un)forbidden City project Chinese architects design trays for Alessi (Alessi, design, interior design, contemporary design, chinese, china, chinese architects) Nearly a decade ago, Alberto Alessi, head of the leading Italian kitchenware manufacturer that bears his name, assigned architects the task of

May , In addition to batteries made by Simplo, present generation iPhone and iPhone Plus use battery packages produced by China based Desay and Sunwoda Simplo originally expected to be able to secure its orders for the new iPhone battery orders for the second half of , but may not be able to do

Jan , While you may be ready to reach for some pretty abrasive cleaning supplies to rid yourself of wallpaper smudges and stains, think twice Modern wallpaper is strong and durable, but still susceptible to scratches and smears Read the manufacturer label before you fight fire with fire, and always start gently

Nov , The Chinese smartphone market is currently led by Huawei, followed by Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and Apple Samsung is not in the top five smartphone manufacturers in the market, as the company has been struggling for a while in the country Chinese OEMs like Oppo and Vivo have outperformed Samsung in

Jan , Dubbed the Nokia , the phone will be exclusively offered on China s for ¥ Nokia s first Android smartphone is now official in China Nokia s own plants were manufacturing feature phones (which are the ones that Microsoft bought and where they then manufactured Lumias for a

Apr , Product manufacturing in China s coastal regions has become increasingly challenging for manufacturers and buyers alike Costs such as wages and rent have risen dramatically over the past five years at the same time that the economies of major buyers have suffered severe setbacks This has put

Dec , Back in July, the New York based China Labor Watch held an investigation and counted labor rights violations in three manufacturing facilities operated by the manufacturer Apple, for its part, has begun monitoring its supply chain partners more closely in recent yearsespecially their working hours.

Mar , Since it launched months ago, Ford Motor s FordPass app has been a learning experience for a manufacturer determined to expand into new start their car to find and pay for parking, launched in the U.S in April and has subsequently rolled out in Canada, Germany, France, the U.K and China.

Apr , When it comes to Foxconn, the Japanese government is reportedly concerned that Foxconn might move Toshiba s semiconductor manufacturing and intellectual property into China, where most of its factories are located Foxconn has reportedly talked with several parties about a joint bid, including with SK

days ago Formerly known as Canton, Guangzhou cashed in on its proximity to Hong Kong, taking over as the country s top manufacturer once its neighbour got too expensive When China s third largest city (its population hovers around million) scored the Asian Games, it began playing architectural

Sep , LG said it will eventually build another plant for larger, TV sized displays that uses the same th gen manufacturing system Samsung also recently pledged billion toward OLED production LG has already shown off an ultrathin wallpaper TV less than mm thick, and at kg (lbs) is so light it can be

Jan , While there is still no replacement for personally going abroad, Alibaba can be a great starting point This post was written by my buddy Rico over at Enter China to help you get started finding a high quality supplier for your new business idea Take it away, Rico! Finding good suppliers on Alibaba can

Jun , Formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of building materials and household products It is one of Household products such as wallpaper, cardboard and paper products Vehicle exhaust from attached garages or from outdoors Smoke from fireplaces and It doesnt have to be from china to be harmful

Jun , Just read The Future of Manufacturing in China Three Big Trends over at ChinaImportal (h t to Quality Inspection) and I agree with of it The post does an excellent job of explaining where China manufacturing is today with an emphasis on what so many got wrong in their predictions on where

Feb , BENGALURU As China and Pakistan modernise air force at a rapid pace, Indian Air Force (IAF) faces risk without new western warplanes or the lack of local It s a really tricky situation in which the supplier is unhappy, the bureaucrats are unhappy and the end user is disappointed, said Mohanty.