exterior effect plastic wall panels

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Nov , Exterior wall systems, cladding for same and components of such systems, including an adjustable clip for use in mounting cladding and a thermal use in a wall system, the thermal block including an insulation material comprising a silica aerogel material an encapsulant comprising a shrink wrap plastic

Sep , This invention relates to relatively lightweight panels, both decorative and structural, which can be used to provide protective walls on the exterior The weight of the unique ultra thin stone veneer provided by the invention allows it to be laminated to glass or plastics (such as polycarbonate or other clear

Feb , Outdoor furniture Bottles and jars Storage containers Closet organizers Easter eggs Toys Trash cans Light switch covers Flowerpots Mirrors and frames Figurines Plastic foliage and flowers D├ęcor accents Visit local thrift store for outdated plastic items such as wall hanging, frames, and figurines.

Nov , The climbing wall assembly has a plurality of adjacent wall panels, each having an exterior surface adapted for educational purposes and having a plurality of The climbing wall assembly may also incorporate the use of wall plates and hand holds which preferably are molded of a plastic composition and

May , A drainage system for draining rain water and internal moisture from the rear of exterior wall panels so as to effectively drain such rain water and of the present curtain wall invention, numeral denotes a support mullion having attached to one side thereof, a back up flash or flashing of metal or plastic,

Oct , This results in considerable savings over prefabricated custom made modular wall panels with an expanded plastic foam core sandwiched between inner and outer skins, because if the foam core walls are not prewired or preplumbed, considerable time is required to insert electrical wiring or plumbing

Each of the sandwich panels , , , , Z, and i is preferably comprised of reinforced plastic inner and outer facing sheets extending across opposite faces of an open core and bonded thereto As shown in FIGS , the core is preferably formed of small interlocked aluminum core elements , , ,

Mar , The backing portion interior side functions as exterior drain gutter side wall for the drain gutter The exterior side of the backing portion by itself can effect a water tight dry seal between two abutted panels More usually, the exterior side of the backing portion functions as the backing rod for a wet seal.

The panel according to the invention provides a simple and attractive method by which to minimize the visual effects of the seam With the seam hidden on the inside of , a concrete wall panel may be cast using an external formwork in conjunction with an internal formwork External formwork includes a pair

Nov , The method according to claim , including the further step of applying cementitious roof panels comprised of exposed vertical face having a chamfer an outer circular wall in contact with opposing portions of said core member, and radially spaced from remaining portions of said core member to define

Feb , Glazing panels are releaseably held and slideable for opening within side framing channels which are formed by releaseably interlocking members which may the three rigid linearly extending extruded plastic elements are first and second outer elements disposed in a relationship with respect to a third


Oct , A new concept wall system is provided, wherein the Exterior Insulation and Finish System cladding is created using components with no water absorption, board edges by using said mesh reinforced sealant material at system terminations and behind over applied moldings and other design effects .