translucent plastic wall panels

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Feb , Further it does not allow the opening of the window in fair weather, and in effect, permanently seals the window There have also been interior insulating windows which generally consist of a transparent plastic panel or sheet held to the interior window frame by extruded plastic or other panel holding strips.

It is well known to secure standing seam roof and wall panels, including translucent panels, to purlin or girt substrates using hidden clips and related clip assemblies Examples of various of these clip assemblies are shown in U.S Pat Nos ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,,

Mar , Inspired by the London Underground, the plastic sheets come together in a series of dynamic tunnels between the structure s frame The lightweight plastic structure is the primary source of light in the evening for the house, as inset fittings cause its translucent surfaces to illuminate in all directions .

Apr , ,,, ,,, ,, and ,,, disclose various types of translucent storm shutter assemblies having a transparent panel constructed of flat plastic such as polycarbonate and mounted in a frame of aluminum or steel or a corrugated plastic such as polycarbonate reinforced with aluminum

Aug , Separate multiple clear vacuum panels which includes being interconnected by various means to create a single or multiple larger vacuum chambers which can be used as walls and or ceiling of a structure The panels of claim wherein said panels comprising of two sheets of transparent material being

A panel of spaced, parallel, translucent, outer sheets of set plastic material with an inner sheet of corrugated sheet plastic disposed therebetween with the crests of the corrugations at They have thermal insulation qualities thus dispensing with the need for intra wall heat insulating materials and thermo panes in windows.

Mar , This futuristic energy efficient House With Big Window is wrapped in translucent plastic panels that provide insulation and also allow natural light to fill every corner The Unity Home features EcoDomus Matte on the walls, EcoDomus Eggshell on the ceilings, and EcoDomus Satin on the doors.

Jul , In a further embodiment, the panel is formed of an extrusion, which can comprise a translucent plastic, a clear polyvinyl chloride, or can be color tinted In yet another embodiment, the panel further comprises at least one retaining flange extending outwardly from the rear face of the rectangular wall, having

The prior art has contemplated the production of sheets of plastic made by slicing blocks of alternating transparent and opaque sheets cemented together, for example, U.S Pats ,,, ,,, and ,, It is not known that such products have been introduced into commerce presumably because of the very