uv resistance home anti slip wpc decking

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

In some embodiments, the fibrous material is combined with a material that retards degradation of the fibrous material, such as a buffer For example, the composite can be in the form of a stepping stool, pipes, panels, decking materials, boards, housings, sheets, blocks, bricks, poles, fencing, members, doors, shutters,

Nov , These additional layers provide additional structural integrity, ultraviolet light protection and increased waterproofing ability The top layer should be at least mils The polyurea is available under trade names, such as Elasto Deck , available from Pacific Polymers International Inc Garden Grove,

Aug , A key measure of durability is weather ability, which represents resistance to outdoor exposure to heat, sunlight and UV degradation and zirconates slip and anti blocking agents stabilizers stearates ultraviolet light absorbers viscosity regulators waxes pest repellants and combinations of them.

Aug , Alternatively a guide track may have photoluminescent regions, and non photoluminescent regions which alternate The method of modifying the light transmission properties may include inserting a colored filter underneath the cover or may include using a UV protective layer which modifies the color of

Jan , In addition, layer A also contains a UV absorber Layer B WO A profiled metal sheet for use in the construction of composite slabs is disclosed The sheet The spaced regions are provided to improve longitudinal slip resistance of composite slabs formed from the sheet Another one prior

Jun , The coating preferably contains UV protection agents, pigments having good IR reflectance and low solar temperature gain and additives that enhance scratch and mar resistance and provide an anti slip surface The color of the composite according to the present invention resists fading when exposed to