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Nov , The thin black lines of the steel railing against the white wall make for a delicate, minimalist and sculptural stair here Modern Exterior by Jim Burton Architects Jim Burton Architects Galvanizing Dipping steel in zinc creates a corrosion resistant layer bonded to the top layer of steel This mottled gray finish

Apr , IT guy here This idea won amp t fly The vast majority of data is held governments and companies that are beholden to a myriad of security laws and standards Being brutally honest, most companies won amp t let its servers outside of its buildings, and putting them in another country would be unthinkable.

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Oct , Adrian Smith Gordon Gill Architecture recently announced the groundbreaking of the solar powered Federation of Korean Industries Tower in Seoul, Brilliant in its simplicity, the accordion style exterior wall will contain building integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) facing skyward, while glazing is angled

Jul , I m a little embarrassed to admit that I never knew how fascinating science could be until my late s when I learned about laser cutting All those years I was snoozing in science class, the pyromaniacs who stayed awake for the lesson on refracting light learned that holding a magnifying glass

A curtain assembly includes a curtain, or panel of flexible material, such as fabric, forming a generally smooth surface extending between a first anchor Some common environments in which curtain systems are used include windows or doorways, as room dividers, as exterior building walls, to divide one outdoor space

Jan , The design solution for the building exterior is highly original, relying upon motorized door technology adapted from airplane hangars and factory buildings they secure the shops behind them, while an abstract gradient of laser cut perforations over semi concealed LED lights makes the panels appear to

Apr , Reflecting the look of traditional hand cut, intricately patterned paper, the exterior of the entirely original architectural masterpiece is composed mainly of laser cut plywood with polycarbonate, glass, hydro and or UV resistant panel wall accents which also serve as movie screens upon which Polish cultural

Jan , gh architects, photographer s studio, north light, artist s studio, north facing window, Surrounded by the sublime Canadian Shield landscape, the photographer s studio over a boathouse on Stony Lake unites the inner and outer environments with a transparent curtain wall glazed in Cradle to

Feb , To emphasize a connection to nature, the designers used lots of open glass walls to bring in natural light, while protecting the interior from heat gain with massive awnings that extend over a gathering friendly patio Related A lush curtain of greenery provides privacy for this sp ling home in Vietnam.

May , A highlight of this version is a new Connector Panel tool for wiring theaters, conference centers, exhibition centers, and sports stadiums The new Connector Panel tool in connectCAD version Until now, designing these was one of those really boring time consuming detail jobs, and at each design

Oct , Team Austria s LISI Home features a unique movable exterior curtain which regulates both interior temperatures and privacy In architect speak, a curtain wall refers to any facade commonly glass that provides no structural or load bearing capacity for the building But leave it to the genius of Japanese

Jan , Lori Bork Newcomer of Bork Architectural Design completely dispels the idea that green building is too expensive for the ordinary person with this gorgeous BREEAM is effectively the British equivalent of LEED (even though it is also used and recognized outside of the U.K as well), and the popular U.S

May , But even as an architect trained to read the cultural meanings in buildings, I live in a world of shapes and spaces, light and shadows, beauty and ugliness, just like The original Penn Station was built stone block on top of stone block, but a reconstructed Penn Station could have all of those stone panels

Jan , I wanted them to be nice and long, so I purchased total panels, then I cut one up into thirds and added it to the bottom of the ft ish panels, hung medieval clip art architectural carving clip art Cassity started Remodelaholic with her husband, Justin, to share their love for knocking out walls together.

Nov , The wooded landscape pattern of the wallpaper shown here brings a feeling of spaciousness far beyond the limitations of the wall Downplay or highlight architectural components When installed on all four walls, the experience is continuous, making the entire room visually engaging and cohesive.

Dec , The barrier of claim wherein said substantial physical barrier comprises a plurality of devices and systems from a group including a mission armor payload structure comprising one or more penetration resistant walls attached to the vehicle in a vertical, horizontal, or slanted orientation plus their supports

Cartographic wall art brings a definite sense of drama to any space Go traditional with a map, a globe and furnishings that mirror everything from exotic to antique influences, or choose accessories that recall harbor warehouses and turn of the century transatlantic shipping Maps with a more modern or creative twist look

May , Entries will be evaluated by a jury and a panel of judges, including Dan Jansenson, principal at Daniel Jansenson Architect and author of Remarkable Renderworks, from Santa Monica, Ca Tyler Littman, principal designer and owner of Sholight, LLC, from New York Nicholas Dunand, freelance designer

Apr , Earlier this week, Kleinbaum and architect Stephen Cassell from Architecture Research Office (ARO), which designed CBST s new home, gave Behind it, inside the ark, there will be a parochet, a Torah curtain, laser cut in a pattern designed by Cassell and derived from a floral motif in a frieze in a th

Dec , The less efficient a building, the greater the temperature difference between your skin and the temperatures of the walls, windows, doors, floors and ceilings Michael Ruehle, an Indow authorized dealer with GREENheart Buildings Inc, arrived with a little laser measuring device and a netbook running an

Apr , A waterproofed, three coat stucco wall was then mounted on top of that, into which bendable zinc shingles and a glass curtain wall were installed to make up the facade Marchetto Higgins Stieve Exterior Architectural Merit Award AIA Hoboken NJ The complex geometric design and layout of the zinc tiles,

May , The exterior frame is made out of criss cross timber braces and creates an enclosure which still allows for natural ventilation in summer Stadium steps cascade out from one wall inside the club and create an elevated view of the dance floor Windows and glass panels provide ample natural lighting.

Jun , Deep within Vienna s southern woods there is a beautiful daylit family home that appears to glow The open plan Gemini House is wrapped in translucent polycarbonate that allows natural light to fill every corner Designed by AL, the energy efficient home has a green roof and it was built using local,