how to replace 1x4 wood tongue and groove porch flooring

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Apr , Shiplap, like tongue and groove, has a special rabbet or notch cut on the edges of the board These rabbets allow the boards, when installed horizontally, to self space themselves and keep water from getting behind them because they fit so perfectly Shiplap is mostly found in siding designs because of the

Jun , This picture is from a dry fit, to see if I like it I decided to go for it, I had nothing to lose The table and the flooring were both just waiting for a purpose, and they both were freebies ripping the tongue and groove I had t rip the tongue off of one of the boards, and the groove off of another tools needed I worked

Apr , It s Tongue and Groove It has a tongue on one end and a groove on the other so it fits together making perfectly tight seams (like wood flooring) It s V groove or Beaded at the seams It is flat on one side with chamfers (half of a V) of the ends where the tongue and groove parts fit together so when two

Jan , More specifically, it had to do with removing that previous handrail, which was equal parts unsightly and unsafe We believe this back staircase was once fully enclosed by the tongue and groove vertical strips of wood that now only exist from the stair treads down to the ground It appears someone at

Tips When installing tongue and groove, use stainless steel ring nails Also, allow for expansion and if using wide boards ( or more) nail the board to the joist in several places Also, miter the end cuts so that the boards fit together end to end nicely This prevents separation lines when the wood expands and contracts.