composite plastic wood fence paneling products

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

If you want a well engineered product with a glossy finish preassmbled panels and hollow posts on the high end new england scalloped square vinyl picket Budget Picket Fence budget grand illusions classic victorian scalloped vinyl picket fence View as slideshow Photo by Ted Morrison Grand Illusions Classic

Feb , This invention relates to a modular fencing system composed of panels affixed to modular composite columns mounted onto base footings and encased with The Quasi wall fencing system is a modular fencing product utilizing rigid panels made from a pair of recycled sandwich core laminate sheets

Oct , Watch this video to find out how to install durable, low maintenance vinyl shake siding and trim on your home Vinyl shake siding is low maintenance, durable, and resembles real wood shakes Installation The bottom piece here is a starter strip which is specific to this particular type of siding product.

Aug , The poultry migration fence system includes at least one fence panel rigidly attached to at least one side of a U shaped open archway At least one selectively pivotal support rail is mounted to the bottom of the fence panel The archway allows the fence system to be easily installed by sliding the open end

Aug , A method for decreasing the ground level rot of wooden fence posts involves shrink wrapping the portion of the fence post located immediately above and below grade level with a shrink wrappable Moreover, the pole thus treated does not have the appearance of a wooden product, but of a plastic pole.

Apr , The method of Claim , wherein wood plastic composite has a capstock laminated thereto and wherein the uncapped surface is an unfinished surface or WPC has begun to replace wood in building and other construction materials where the wood is susceptible to rotting, warping, or discoloration.