wood texture composite panel decoration materials

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

The present invention relates to a universal door skin blank, comprising a wood composite blank molded to have spaced stiles lying on a first plane and a flat or textured pattern in the die molds, producing a blank having a textured surface ingrained directly into the wood composite material, instead of using decorative

Herein, wood based materials in the sense of the invention in addition to solid wood based materials comprise materials such as plywood board, composite lumber, In the sense of the invention the term direct printing means applying a decor directly onto the carrier of a panel or onto an unprinted fibre material layer

In the transfer material described in that patent, gaps are made in a fully releasable stripping layer adhered to a carrier sheet A design coat which may cover the entire stripping layer or only the gaps is then coated on the stripping layer When the carrier sheet is removed, the stripping layer fully remains on the transferred

Mar , Indeed, flooring, walls (paneling) and even furniture including such things as tables, desks, etc often display wood grain for decorative purposes The wood One limitation of this method is that substantial material is wasted, since arc like sections of bamboo can only be sliced into rectangular pieces.