plastic hollow core exterior decking

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Apr , B is another close up side view showing a portion of an embodiment of a deck of the present invention and The wall panel further comprises an insulator , preferably made of EPS core, supported by plurality of paired elongated studs , on opposite sides of the insulator, intermittently

Now that plastic materials are available, all possible profiled shaped can be considered, owing to the main characteristic of the said materials, i.e the fact that they Here again, owing to the inaccessibility of the core of the joist, it is impossible to define squaring connections at any level, and the unions between the joists

Nov , an outer circular wall in contact with opposing portions of said core member, and radially spaced from remaining portions of said core member to define a chamber Depending on the building use or the aesthetic requirements, AAC may be coated with an exterior surface finish of approved stucco, stone,

Jul , The core comprises at least one thermoplastic material and has a top surface and bottom surface wherein a print layer is affixed to the top surface of the core and an overlay layer is The thermoplastic laminate plank of claim , wherein said thermoplastic laminate plank is suitable for outdoor installation.

May , Structural insulated panels or SIP s have a foam core with exterior skins usually plywood glued to the foam Sometimes metal or wood is installed within the foam core and the wood or metal is connected between the panels for additional support SIP s have a very limited load bearing capacity due to the

Dec , a hollow parallelipiped having a first exterior surface and a length and a first inner ridge, The kick plates are made of two plastic sheets, such as PVC sheets, adhered to an expanded polystyrene core that has a kerf along the lengths of each side which interfits with the framework This combination of

Jun , Structural bearing material is applied to fill the hollow column formwork structures to create structural columns connected to the structural deck Structural bearing material is applied to the horizontal upper exterior surfaces of the adjacent prefabricated building units to create a single structural deck over the

Oct , c hollow cap means for forming rivets, comprising a deformable shank portion with an inside diameter larger than the diameter of the end flange means of This results in considerable savings over prefabricated custom made modular wall panels with an expanded plastic foam core sandwiched between

Nov , The present invention relates to improvements in color of melt processed polymer composites and plastic objects made there of, within which a round fiber, although segments in a pie wedge (or citrus) cross section and segments in a hollow or core pie wedge cross section are commonly used at

, discloses a composite vehicle load floor of the sandwich type having a cell core the floor comprises reinforced thermoplastic skins surrounding a core of , is directed to a hollow upper deck panel for a plastic pallet has a smooth solid top surface and is made by thermoforming heated upper and lower twin

Jan , The interior and exterior of the container are made of metal, synthetic material, wood or canvas, and the exterior can maintain its value as saleable materials, and The one way shipping cartons of claim wherein such metal comprising aluminum, and said rigidly interconnected frame sections are hollow.

Mar , The process of claim in which said fiber reinforced plastic is at least in part light cured resin For example, the current practice has been to construct roofs or domes of such tanks on scaffolding, shoring, framing or decking which is quite costly and time consuming, in contrast to the invention claimed

Nov , A process for forming a stable cellular wood plastic composite of low density comprising a mixing finely ground wood flour with plastic in an extruder to composite with a cellular wood plastic core will perform in a manner similar to a hollow net section of the high density material when loaded in flexure.

The invention involves a hollow flanged joist, produced via extrusion or pultrusion, which is intended to be used as a framing member in the construction of decks or other exterior structures and has a shape substantially that of a I shaped beam The hollow flanged joist consists of a center web section and top and bottom

Oct , (iii) a shrinkage reducing admixture in an amount effective to reduce plastic shrinkage in the cementitious slurry after water is introduced to initiate wall boards or roof decking having pre attached or pre adhered waterproofing membrane, vinyl clad clapboards for house exteriors, or as foam core in steel

Mar , Especially contemplated are exterior entry doors and interior passage doors, decks and deck components, siding, paneling, furniture components, etc whether of solid construction or so called hollow core doors constructed from a peripheral door frame with opposite door skins Peripheral door frames

Nov , At present, commercial and residential food service furniture is constructed of metal (i.e stainless steel), plastic laminates (i.e Formica), marble, wood, mineral filled resins and the The exterior surface of the FRC substrate may be finished or left rather rough as it forms the underside of the table top.