swimming pool coping materials for vinyl liner pools with a wood deck

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A disposable mold form for use in constructing a concrete coping along the upper edge of a swimming pool, and a method of molding such coping This invention relates generally to the construction of swimming pools and the like and, more particularly, to a method of and disposable mold form for molding a concrete

Unitcd States Patent Ofitice fifidlhfih Patented Oct , ,, SWIMMING POOL AND COPING STRUCTURE THEREFOR George C Fox, RD side walls has been to employ longitudinally extending wooden planks overlying the upper edges of the plastic sheet liner and fastened to the header of the side panels.

Jul , The present invention relates to vinyl lined swimming pool copings and provides an aluminum sub coping of the concrete receptor type in combination with a fully Using appropriate tooling, the aluminum sub coping of the present invention can be shaped to permit it to be installed on curved shaped pools.

Jan , An apparatus is provided for constructing edging around the perimeter of a swimming pool having a decking and a retractable pool cover, wherein an For pools with automatic vinyl covers, it is useful to have a mechanism in the pool walls that secures the bead of the vinyl liner to prevent wear and to

The swimming pool wall may be made of wood, concrete, metal or other suitable material having a horizontal top surface on which the safety coping or safety deck rail member is mounted For swimming pools having wholly or partially curved walls the safety coping or deck may be made in short sections with rnitered ends