composite decking for flat roofs

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Nov , and , relate to new or replacement applications for low slope or flat roof systems formed directly on a roof deck FIGS and relate to applications of the roofing system in accordance with the present invention formed over existing roofing systems More particularly, FIG illustrates an embodiment of

Jun , In the case of an acoustical composite floor and roof deck, as presently used, insulation clips or expanded foam plastic spacers are required Also insulation batts shows a flat surface with end reversely bent portions a which are detachably fitted in the dove tailed flanges b FIG shows a similar,

FIGURE of the d ing shows another portion of a roof construction comprising an outside corner on a section of the same flat roof with the insert disposed outside the flashing In FIGURE , wall (or parapet) vertically abuts roof deck Cant strip lies at an approximate angle to roof deck and to wall .

Apr , A modular structural composite roof deck according to claim , said flat rigid sheet comprising panels of rigid material and panels of insulation material Description This is a continuation of application Ser No , filed Dec , which is a continuation of Ser No ,, filed Aug.

Nov , discloses an alternative roof and floor panel assembly which allows the assembly to be used for a composite roof or floor deck The assembly includes metal roof deck panel containing ribs and flat sections with perforations , wire mesh and insulation as described above.

Optionally and preferably the covering layer also includes one factory applied layer or conventional roofing felt on top of a suitable weather resistant coating The GRG decking unit includes a substantially flat web presenting a substantially flat top surface a a central pedestal which is merely a thickened

The composite roofing overlay includes a bedding cement containing water based paint waste and crushed recycled glass, a porous fabric embedded in the While these materials generally lie flat in new construction, when used in reroofing applications, they may cause improper sloping, blisters, bubbling, raising,

Aug , A nonpenetrating roof membrane fastening system for covering and securing a waterproof flexible membrane on a roof deck A large number of commercial and factory plant roofs are of a flat roof design wherein the roofing material itself is often of a built up asphalt, and in more modern systems of a

Nov , This feature allows standard roof flashing to lay flat on the roof deck The removable post allows flashing to be slipped over the base without damaging surrounding composition shingles The Fast Jack is an engineered and flash able roof stanchion designed for optimum strength while using a single lag

Asphalt or Composite Shingles These are To work well, asphalt shingles require a good wood based and resin underlayment or roof deck to act as a secondary weatherproofing barrier Although this choice is not yet widespread, some home owners with flat roofs and the right modern designs are going green.

Jan , A surface treatment may be applied The tiles come in a wide variety of profiles, styles finishes, and installation modes The tiles can be one piece, two piece, interlocking, or flat Firefighters should also be aware that some look like shake shingle or plastic composite tiles Concrete tiles are made of Portland

Apr , A roof or deck cladding panel and construction Each cladding panel has a Composite cement foam panel and roof deck system WO A surface is a deck The cladding construction according to claim wherein the rigid surface is substantially flat, having only a drainage slope .

Nestability of composite floor decking units has not hereto fore been accomplished Nestability is not uncommon in profiled sheet metal roofing and sliding units (see British Pat No ,) but heretofore there have been no known sheet metal floor decking units used for composite construction, which can be nested for

May , The same homeowners that had Steve s crew build a custom shed have contracted him again to construct a new, composite deck on the back of their home They went with brand an thick pad Save Save They used a garden hoe to make sure the concrete would set with a nice, flat surface Save

Begin correcting the problem by removing any leaves or debris from the void, and then scraping or chiseling the dried roofing cement off of the bricks so the flashing will lay flat against them Now, apply a generous amount of new roofing cement to the bricks behind the flashing an inch or so below the top of the flashing.