antique wood love seat

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Sep , Orlando s giving us tips on vintage pieces like the loveseat he transformed above, My take on when to reupholster and when to leave as is For me, there Some pieces look charming with a little more age (say, an old wooden French provincial dining table with scratches and dents all over it) while some

Dec , antique cane chair after hickory gel stain After the gel stain no poly used I LOVE the new color, and I m so happy I didn t paint it, aren t you OR would you have painted it trace wooden chair seat circle onto foam I used my new circle as a pattern to trace onto a piece of memory foam Someone gave me

The more strips you have, the stronger the seat will be Staple the webbing to the middle of one side of the chair, leaving a few extra inches beyond the staples Do your best to attach the webbing to the middle of the frame where the wood is strongest Fold over the excess webbing and staple again Bring the

Aug , I don t know You choose That conversation only took about two years and the result is this story of an Antique Chair Restoration and the oldest chair I ve ever met off pieces I fixed those with extra screws, wood glue and a lot of prayers Antique Chair More Posts You ll Love! Little Debbie A Bedside

Mar , It was fun yesterday to look at my list of mid century modern sofas you can buy today Lots of readers chimed in with comments on their sofas So I thought Let s see em If you have a few minutes this weekend, take a photo of your sofa, couch, or davenport and upload it using the form below Vintage

Today it becomes something more Let me show you how I made an antique clamp chair using this ladder for parts Old Wooden Ladder Salvaged for Parts Prodigal Pieces post contains affiliate links so you can find the products I love to use too (see full disclosure) I suppose most people would just