low maintenance backyard landscaping

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Chrysanthemums are beautiful fall flowers Fall gardens look bright and impressive with these beautiful flowers which are wonderful for art installations and backyard landscaping ideas to celebrate fall colors Lushome collection of gorgeous photographs invite to enjoy the striking beauty of bright waves created by florists

May , See how to design a front yard that makes your driveway its own destination Although grass could be used for this, I would opt for a tough, low maintenance, drought tolerant ground cover, such as elfin thyme (Thymus serpyllum Elfin , zones to ) or miniature brass buttons (Leptinella gruveri, zones

Sep , Certain ground covers are better for low maintenance landscaping ideas The amount of landscaping and maintenance work matters Low maintenance backyard designs make all the difference in creating pleasant and enjoyable outdoor rooms that look beautiful and inviting Simple outdoor seating areas

May , Landscapers and architects wanted to re use creative materials that were low maintenance, cheap or free and plants that required little care or water First, consider the space you have and what you will use it for Do you have a large backyard that you like to spend time in Does your front yard lack curb

Nov , Particularly low growing (to inches), Elfin thyme is perfect for planting in tight spots Great for Mediterranean style, cottage style and low water gardens filling in cracks between pavers or flagstones in sunny areas Where it will grow Hardy to minus degrees Fahrenheit, or minus degrees Celsius

Apr , A garden doesn t have to be high maintenance to make a statement, as shown by this one in Melbourne, Australia Designed by Chris Gursansky of Semken Landscaping, this beauty combines neat lawns and low hedges with splashes of cottage style color Tip Use climbing roses to frame a front porch or

May , We never want to spend money on landscaping that ll look great for a week and then wither and die if it doesn t get a ton of watering and maintenance With the ongoing drought in our area, Do you have a low corner of the yard, or does the lawn slope down to the sidewalk Plant your shrubs and flowers

Our porch landscaping ideas will not only enhance the look of your home but also potentially add value Discover Usually it is a combination of several factors, one of the most important being the front porch and front yard landscaping Otherwise, pick plants, grasses and elements that are sturdy and low maintenance.

Low maintenance yard landscaping ideas Modern ideas and latest trends in decorating outdoor living spaces aim to create stylish, interesting and comfortable backyard landscaping and add personality to landscaping design Influenced by high fashion and interior design trends, modern ideas for backyard landscaping

Jul , Replace small lawn areas with a low maintenance perennial ground cover Small areas and those that are hard to access may best be served by this low maintenance solution Once established, a mass of ground cover has a simple, calming effect Proper plant selection will eliminate mowing, reduce

May , Plant a native meadow If you have a larger outdoor space to contend with, you may not want to cover it all in gravel or stone Think instead about creating a low maintenance meadow of native plants that requires little water or upkeep A local landscaping pro or a staffer at a good garden center should be

Jun , With all this in mind, here are two things that I have started doing that I think will make future gardening a bit easier lower maintenance, at least for me Planting more shrubs and fewer perennials I have an area in my backyard that I am struggling to landscape at the moment It is a pretty big space,

The right plants for your area and zone help create truly lush, beautiful and healthy rock garden design The zone tells you how cold your zone coldest days can be, and if a certain type of green and flowering plants tolerate the low temperatures in your zone Rock garden design tips, yard landscaping ideas.

Jun , Abundant flowers, a heady fragrance and striking foliage combine for a romantic front yard garden that s deceptively low maintenance Traditional Landscape by Le jardinet Le jardinet Relatively few plants are included in this design, but they are repeated frequently throughout the garden The aim is to

Jul , Wrought iron and wooden fence designs add a nostalgic and charming look to yard landscaping ideas These fences require maintenance Green fence design ideas, yard landscaping and decorating with plants Chain link fence design is similar to aluminum fence These types of fence material look

Jan , Consider your time and abilities for maintenance when planning your new yard High maintenance landscapes are for dedicated gardeners and plantaholics (and you know who you are!) who love to work in the yard Low maintenance landscapes are for those who enjoy being outdoors and doing a bit of

Mar , Image Deborah Carl Landscape Design Artificial grass looks more like the real deal than ever before, but a gravel, stone and paver garden gives the garden a contemporary, minimalist look It s still low maintenance (and requires zero water) and is a great counterpoint to succulents and a fire pit.

Jan , When designing your no mow yard, Evelyen Hadden, author of Beautiful No Mow Yards Amazing Lawn Alternatives, writes that each choice should be based not only on your aesthetics or Animals add life to a landscape Tagged as evelyn hadden, low maintenance, no mow, sustainability, yard.

Low Maintenance Water Features Downsizing Ponds and Fountains November , by Linda Comments Low Maintenance Water Features Ideas for creating your own A small pond in the garden of Paul Abels When you envision a water feature, it may evoke the gentle sound of a soothing waterfall, or perhaps

Sep , The designers of this San Francisco Victorian home planted a living wall around the lower doorway, which the owners use as the main entry Modern Landscape by Living Green Design Living Green Design All the plants are within arm s reach, making maintenance far more manageable than if the living

Sep , It is not easy to get right there is no room for mistakes or poor workmanship it has to be spot on But get it right and you can end up with a tranquil, low maintenance garden that is a perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life, with space for the whole family More Lay of the Landscape Modern Garden