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Sep , The London West Hollywood s rooftop provided a spectacular backdrop of Los Angeles for Mark and Becky s wedding ceremony the following day D ing inspiration from a pergola in an English rose garden she visited in Hertfordshire, Becky enlisted the help of Allison Becker Nicholas St Clair of

May , Construction manager Kevin Chick, who also produced detail d ings for the client, worked with the Coastal Commission to meet zoning, height, and setback requirements a three story tower at the core of the house has a rooftop deck The house is nestled in the sand dunes in a rare Monterey

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Mar , Although the houses are placed quite close to each other, they don t have boundary fences, so strategic design was employed to instil a sense of lots of insulation, concrete slab floors to hold heat and big north windows for solar gain in winter in summer, there are awnings and pergolas to shade them.

Feb , hidden between the old house walls Architects GKMP Architects Contractor Sheerin Construction Engineer David Maher Associates Floor plan of House extension by GKMP Architects includes a wooden window seat Floor plan click for larger image Section of House extension by GKMP Architects

Adhesive Get up into the attic and run a half inch bead of construction adhesive along each rafter or truss where it meets the plywood roof sheathing above A good, thick bead down the edge on both sides of the rafter will tighten everything right up, says This Old House general contractor Tom Silva This simple step will

I recently finish a B.S on Architecture and my graduation is on May, I have been accepted on BAC for a Master on Architecture I will start it next fall I have been looking, hunting and searching for a job in an architectural firm for over a year I have multiple webpage where I

Nov , Australian architects Edwards Moore have completed this glowing art studio in a car park Artist Car Park Studio by Edwards Moore Located in a residential car park outside a Melbourne apartment, the studio accommodates storage, a shower room, a toilet and kitchen facilities Artist Car Park Studio by

Open Terrace Design Ideas for Duplex House Leading Architecture And Design Firm In India Beautiful Terrace Design Idea for Duplex House Plans Image Ghar Pergolas and other shade structures are the perfect way of enjoying the outdoors even when the conditions outside are less than appealing.

Nov , Following a workshop with members of the community, it was decided to base the new classroom building on the traditional architecture of the old The team also designed the landscaping of the adjacent play area, which is protected by a pergola covered with rattan that also incorporates seating so it can

Mar , The old layout included a dining room and garage extension to the west of the ground floor, which cut evening light to the interior and enclosed the kitchen within the plan, We use the tiles as a cladding to bring texture and warmth to a facade and also to highlight or d attention to certain details .

Sep , We hoped to build another firepit on our backyard patio at this house, but we decided for safety reasons we should put it further from the house If you can t wait or want to find another model or check sizes, you can find details and ordering information from Aquascape (check out everything else they offer,

May , Loyn Co Architects has completed a home in Wales, with old buildings sitting alongside modern additions featuring bare concrete and rusted steel The Stormy Castle house is located within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, meaning the design had to minimise any impact on the rural

Sep , work on the playful d ings he produces for private exhibitions, animations, T shirt designs and various print and online media House in Kita Kamakura by Snark and Ouvi From its site on a hillside, the house looks out over the rooftops of the surrounding buildings towards the Tanzawa mountains and

Mar , Next to the existing apartments, the old substandard ones were removed from the site and new were built in their place The new Outdoor terraces are made from wood, with wooden pergolas and privacy is insured by a green wall of plants that grows supported by the terrace construction.

May , A rugged stone wall dug into the ridge of the hill forms a wind break for the exposed site, while a grove of old gum trees provides additional shade for a pool and terrace situated at the foot of the wall Whitehall The stone wall was one of the first decisions for the design of the house, the team told Dezeen.

Nov , The design emerged from issues with efficiency and connectivity within the original layout, explained Martin, whose previous projects include a loft conversion with a The aim is to enhance circulation between the old and new parts of the house, but also to allow activities to spill out onto the rear garden.

Aug , Wildfowl Cottage by th Studio Having supplied details of the shape and construction methods for the new addition to the owner and his builder, th Studio limited its involvement to on site advice regarding complex elements such as the structural glazing and in situ concrete Wildfowl Cottage by th Studio

Jun , Its construction also enabled the creation of a large open plan space, linking the entrance porch with a living room tucked away at one end Other details, including the delicate frames surrounding the glazing and the box gutter that runs along the upper edge of the structural frame, were added to enhance

Aug , The architects came up with an extension in the style of an orangery, with double height windows to d light into the lower levels while the handmade oak furniture, staircase and kitchen designed specifically for the project by the architects creates a continuity between the new spaces and the old.

Aug , The project is conceived with the garden at its centre, said the design team It bookends a lush central garden space with the As well as framing the main garden space, the Garden Room also creates a small patio at the rear, where wooden slats offer quiet seating areas Garden Room by Welsh Major

Jul , On the first floor, the architects divided the old street facing master bedroom, creating a family bathroom with Victorian style finishes, as well as two equally Many other London practices are also engaging in the design of extensions, as homeowners seek to maximise the value of property in the UK capital.

Jun , A pair of wide glass doors open from the back of the extension onto the submerged patio Steps lead up from here to the garden, which is approximately a metre higher A sliver of Lighting BrinkLIcht Concrete worksurface Fraher and Co Concrete flooring DN Construction Glass Meronden Designs.

Feb , Andy and Claire [the clients] liked the idea of bringing in a bit of warmth to match the other timber in the project, so the large door was in our first sketch of the project Extension One by Denizen Works The ground surface both inside and outside is Spanish limestone, helping to tie the two spaces together.