metal field fence post

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Sep , This apparatus is a steel driving cap for forcibly driving wooden stakes into the ground utilizing a sledgehammer for striking the driving cap The apparatus is constructed of tubular steel of various dimensions to accommodate various sizes of wood stakes The apparatus also has a flat steel surface of

Jun , The possibility of annoyance due to electric field induction could be eliminated by solidly grounding the fence at a single point, such as with a metal fence post For an electric fence, this is accomplished with a special filter designed to drain only the induced charge However, a fence that is grounded at

Jul , The farmers had spent much of the previous winter felling trees, erecting posts and stringing wire to construct a fence that now runs along the edge of the village, dividing forest It s unnatural, said Iwamaru, , who will have to pass through two metal gates to reach his field once the project is complete.

Jun , An expandable socket holds a fence pole for a flexible swimming pool fence The socket, being generally cylindrical, but slightly tapered, is open at a top end and has a bottom end partially closed with a rectangular opening The socket sits within a bore within a concrete swimming pool deck or within a

Jul , Whether you have a few hundred yards of wire fencing or miles of it, the Stockade STi Cordless Wire Fence Post Stapler is going to save to a ton of time! Stockade had to think beyond simply beefing up a framing or roofing nailer It was a steel rivet shooting gun that inspired the foundation of the line.

Mar , The shaft is used to hold the roll of woven wire fencing uprightly atop the metal disk In use, the wire frame member Once enough fencing material has been unrolled to span at least the distance between two fence posts, the gate is swung shut, clamping the wire against the rear vertical frame member.

Sep , The field of art of the invention is locking mechanisms for gates for vinyl fencing The field of art encompasses the following classes and Sometimes the inside walls of the fence posts are lined with a metal sleeve for strength but the interior remains hollow The gate s framing is typically made of vinyl

Sep , The field of the invention is fencing and the invention relates more particularly to the making of fence posts Applicant s U.S Pat No ,, discloses a metal hinged post form similar in some ways to the present post form Applicant s earlier post form was removed by opening the form at a hinge.

FENCE POST DRIVER BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to an impact fence post driver having a stationary post guiding member, formed like a channel, for guiding the post being driven and designed so that the driver may operate from either side of an existing wire strand fence while driving the

Jul , Cucumbers, squash, peas, pole beans, tomatoes and sweet potatoes are some of the most common vining vegetables I used to Below, you ll notice my beans growing on the privacy fence using a trellis made of galvanized wire fence Green beans climb a metal grid attached to the privacy fence.

Apr , While one is engaged in repairing fence, it is necessary to have a pair of pliers or other tool which will allow one to remove staples, remove clips from metal posts, crimp wire, cut wire, and pound staples and nails In the past, it has been a custom to use conventional fencing pliers which allow one to crimp

Customarily, a band of metal having a hole in each end is bent around the vertical post so that the two holes are in alignment but spaced apart from each other to the chain link wire mesh as possible, the opening or which is closest to the inside of the fence can be selected for insertion of the diagonal brace .

Aug , A Field of the Invention The field of the present invention relates generally to wood fence systems More particularly, the present invention relates to wood fence systems that utilize metal fence posts to support a plurality of wooden fence rails and pickets Even more particularly, the present invention relates

Dec , The present invention includes removing all of the existing parts of a chain link fence except for the original supporting fence posts, coring or drilling out new Technical Field The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for converting a chain link fence into a new type of fence, including but not