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Mar , Dutch designer Ineke Hans s Berit collection of outdoor furniture includes a table and pair of benches that fit neatly together for storage Belgian duo Studio Job has also tackled outdoor furniture, using motifs from its archive to design hyper kitschy cast iron tables and chairs Other similar products

Becoming Bionic explores how engineers and scientists transmute nature to engineering Adapting what they observe in the living world, they create useful products or processes, going beyond the simple imitation of biological structures Part of the Engineers of the New Millennium series, this program is a co production

Mar , Chamber s Collection , Show III Swiss designer Bertille Laguet s pair of Cassus items are both formed from aluminium cast into thin sheets, shaped with large, rounded ridges One acts as a bench, while the other is a lamp that evokes an image of an iron fireplace when positioned against a wall.

This page discusses long, straight saw blades used in up and down sash sawmills, including blade profiles, sharpening, and hanging the saw in the frame (sash) There are many th century references available online with discussions of straight mill saw blades listed on the reference page of this website for example,

Aug , Various management companies had been running the hotel for many years, and in the Willard family decided to sell the hotel to Louis Berry s Abbell hotel chain, which had also taken over the Removed appromatley cast iron bathtubs, and demolished every non bearing wall in the bldg.

Dec , Usually, I am building props for a show or production I am working on I rarely have time to work on my own projects However, someone was interested to see if I could replicate a chest from the television show Game of Thrones Now, I have nothing to do with the show itself, but it sounded like an interesting

May , As per DOSH s regulations, Cast cannot stand on objects over inches from the ground without adequate fall protection, so this means the In recent years, Disney has given Grad Nite attendees mix in tickets, allowing them to mix in with regular park guests during the day at Disneyland before Grads are

Very few companies in the world can boast of the existence of such a profound body of researched work dating back as this does to the beginning of the () In , Aikin wrote that, a considerable iron foundry is established in Salford, in which are cast most of the articles wanted in Manchester and its neighbourhood.

I lasted many years without an enameled cast iron Dutch oven They were years full of desire and longing, but I was a poorly paid line cook, and Le Creuset, one of the most respected manufacturers, ain t cheap I had work aroundssometimes I d borrow my sister s and not return it for months on endbut that only got me

Feb , The cast iron used for this facade references London street furniture and creates a sharp contrast to the neighbouring Georgian townhouses A sinuous pattern of Sidekick Creatives is a collective set up to support individuals and companies to realise their crowdfunding campaigns Sidekick Creatives

Dec , It s an year old building made of iron beams and cast iron pillars Walk inside, and If you need a rest, you can sit on the benches along the aisles Parc de la There, you ll see the entrance of the Barcelona Zoo, which takes up half of Ciutadella Park and where over , animals live It also has

Apr , Milan a large, rusty, cast iron dinner service by Belgian designers Studio Job is on show in Milan this week hand made dinner service and another industrially produced collection, manufactured by Dutch porcelain manufacturer Royal Tichelaar Makkum bavaria by studio job bench.jpg Bavaria by

Jul , The Quartz office occupies a rectangular space in a historic cast iron building in the Flatiron District Launched in and owned by Atlantic Lining a window wall are wooden storage cubbies and benches for editors, which have become popular gathering spots A large event space, called the Arena,

Dec , Completed in , four stories of stone sat above a cast iron storefront base While other Italianate buildings Mrs Hall, whom The Evening World described as a tall, fine looking woman, left Ethel and the nurse sitting on a park bench and headed off on a stroll She had gone only a short distance

The bench was cast by the ironworkers at Tredegar in late or early and is representative of the type of ornamental ironwork produced and exported from the city by ship and by rail Opened in , Tredegar was ranked the third largest iron manufacturer in the United States by the outbreak of the American Civil

Oct , Pablo Reinoso`s Spaghetti Wall This Portuguese chestnut and iron bench seems to have a mind of its own Ensemble bench The Ensemble bench was created by Roel Vandebeek for the urban street furniture manufacturer Wolters Simple lines It looks as if white shadows were cast in the process.

Apr , Last week I got a call from Triad Stage, a theatre over in Greensboro, NC, to do some carving for the scene shop I had done some foam carving in the props shop last autumn, and when another project came up, they thought of me Layout on the blank They already had a blank cut to size when I arrived at

Nov , From here, guests have a box seat view of the ringstra?e and Vienna s rooftops which can be taken in from a free standing cast iron art nouveau tub or private terrace The view from the m grande suite, extends all the way to the giant Ferris wheel in Vienna s prater park The suite is complete with a

May , Grcic previously created a bench like chair for the Italian furniture manufacturer, using flat sloping planes of wood Primo by Konstantin Grcic for Mattiazzi I wanted Primo to have very upright geometry, and I think a chair that has completely vertical front and back legs has a very different presence, he said.

Dec , Its cast iron facades were Italianate in style with large arched openings separated by simple pilasters By using the same Brill had branched into manufacturing and on September that year advertised for experienced operators for ladies undergarments, in and out of the house The term out of the

Feb , We have benches made out of cast iron floor grates, we have the bar, which is made from the recycled corrugated metal that was on the back of the building, Florio notes The main wall is made from the wood that was inside the back wall and the coffee tables are made from cast iron grates and iron

Oct , A comparison of walkway lighting in New York s Central Park using LED post top luminaires from five manufacturers has shown reduced energy use and These LED luminaires will be placed on existing nine foot tall B cast iron posts mostly manufactured by Spring City Electrical, some of which date

Jan , He scribbled his calculations on a scrap of paper, and put the scrap in his pocket, all the while sitting on a park bench in Washington, D.C admiring a garden of azaleas (He was slower inventing the laser, whose gestation lasted nine months.) Townes was sure his maser design would workhe had spent